Kristy and Steve

How We Met

We met through our best friends wedding; he was one of the groomsmen and I was a bridesmaid. We really didn’t start to talk and get to know each other until we went away to the cottage with a group of friends that summer. We had so much in common, but yet were so different. Everything about him makes me happy. He is my best friend.

Image 1 of Kristy and Steve

how they asked

The cottage we met at has been our getaway with our friends for the last 2 years. This time was different and probably my best memory yet! That same bride and groom that introduced us were there first hand to watch and capture this amazing moment. July 31st 2015 was day 1, July 7th 2017 was the day I said YES, August 16th 2017 will be 2 years & October 19th 2018 will be the start of the next chapter of our lives together when we say I DO <3

Image 2 of Kristy and Steve