Kristy and Sam

how we met

Well, If I’m being honest, Sam was actually dating someone I went to high school with before we met. . A bunch of us would always go to a local restaurant for karaoke every Wednesday. While I thought he was adorable, I was never going to be the “other girl” so I didn’t say anything to him besides a “hey” or a “hi” . Eventually they broke up and he continued to go with his friends every karaoke Wednesday. My friend had felt the connection between us and made it very apparent that we should start talking. Eventually we did. I did message his prior girlfriend to let her know we were talking because it was the respectful thing to to. She really didn’t seem to care so it was great for me!

how they asked

After you have been with someone for so long, you start to know everything about them (it’s a little scary) so when Sam was planning on proposing I had a feeling. We didn’t get engaged until last May (Memorial weekend to be exact). It was really important to me that our student debt and credit cards were paid off before we settled down. So a few months before it happened he kept saying “we should start going on walks after work”. Walks?! It was so random to me. I started thinking, hmm he doesn’t really go for walks on his own and he’s never mentioned this before… so he would mention it every now and then and I’d be lazy or it would be raining. For someone who’s been waiting for a ring I really didn’t seem to be in any rush to go on a “walk”.

Finally, it was memorial weekend, I had just gotten home on Friday and we were going to meet some family for happy hour. Sam says “we should go on a walk before we go”. I’m thinking alright let’s go on this damn walk! It actually was a beautiful night so I didn’t mind. As we were getting ready he started acting strange, I just knew what was about to happen. I remember thinking to myself “oh shit this is happening, tonight’s the night”. As we drove there he kept his sweater covering his pocket. We arrived near a local river in town surrounded by trees. The sun was going down and it was beautiful. However the nats were eating us alive. Sam is not one for nats. He has absolutely no patients for them. I asked “aren’t the nats eating you alive?!” He said “no I’m good”. I thought it again OH MAN THIS IS IT and wouldn’t you know it, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was jumping and screaming so loud he almost fell backwards because he was so startled from my reaction. It was great.

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