Kristy and Patrick

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How We Met

Patrick and I first met on July 2, 2013 in Saint Simon’s Island. I was with the family who I had nannied for and Patrick was on a family vacation. Brian (nanny daddy), and Tricia (nanny mom), and I were all enjoying an adult night at the pier in a bar called Brogan’s, when Patrick walked in. (I noticed him immediately and knew that I HAD to talk to him!) He had forgotten his credit card the night before and was picking it up. He walked up next to me and we talked briefly and ended with “Maybe I’ll see you later!” To both of our surprise, at the very last bar, we happened to both be at the same place. I made the first move to talk to him again. (I was awfully persistant!). Two days later, we enjoyed fireworks at the pier (same bar we met in) and then the next morning we went shark fishing with his dad, sister, and her fiance (at the time). After fishing, Patrick took me to sushi and then took me home, where we said goodbye. I went back to PA and he went back to Atlanta. We kept in contact and continued talking and learning more about each other. I made a couple trips to hangout with him and the Powers’ family. Fast forward one year, Patrick and I decided we wanted to make things serious, so I packed up and moved from Pennsylvania to Atlanta to be with him. The rest is history!

how they asked

Patrick and I were going on a “double date” to dinner and a movie with our really good friends. Throughout dinner, Patrick got up multiple times and we ordered dessert, which rarely happens. Finally we went to the movie theater, where we got drinks and were hanging out in the lobby. I was impatiently watching the time and said, “Hurry up, we’re going to miss the previews.” Finally we walked into the movie and found our seats. We sat down and Patrick said, “These are great seats!” They were front and center. I was really excited. The previews had already begun, when Patrick quickly said, “Well, I better go to the bathroom before the movie starts.” I was so annoyed because we had just gotten to our seats and he had been walking away all night. I pulled out my phone and started fiercely scrolling through Facebook. Suddenly, my friend whispered, “Kristy, LOOK!” I looked up and the screen said, “Sometimes life is scary,” and then there was a video of my dogs in my house. I was so confused and repeatedly questioned, “What is this?” The video continued with various clips of Patrick scaring me (he does it all the time). Then, the screen said, “And then, there are times like these… Kristy Kinney, I love you!” From here, there were several pictures of us throughout our relationship and our song was playing in the background. At this point, I was in tears. After a funny face swap picture that I had done with him years ago laughter erupted in the theater. Finally, Patrick walked out and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The theater was full of strangers and also had about 30 of our friends and family hidden. We didn’t watch the movie; instead, we went across the street, where it was planned for our celebration! On top of an out of this world propsal, he didn’t forget the small things, my nails were done (another story) and the whole thing was recoded. Talk about the greatest moment in a women’s life! It was the best proposal I could’ve ever imagined!

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