Kristy and Eric

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How We Met

I’ll keep it short and simple, we met online. Yes, it does happen and yes there are so many success stories from it. We happen to be one of those love stories who God made sure we found each other one way or another at the perfect time in our lives, even through the internet. Lol! To our surprise, we learned we had so many mutual friends and agreed we surely must have crossed paths at some point in the past, but it wasn’t our time then, to meet and fall in love with each other just yet. We quickly had our very first date on Valentine’s Day 2016 and from that day forward, our love grows more pure and beautiful each day.

how they asked

We arrived in Grant, Colorado for our first real out of state vacation together on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. We booked this amazing home located 8,000 ft. up in the mountains secluded on our own 4 acres of land, which also included an outdoor sauna. We spent the following day relaxing from the drive and being typical tourists by visiting the surrounding towns and ate at cute small town restaurants. The very next day Eric wanted to spend the day visiting Mount Evans and have a picnic lunch on the mountain.

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Which I didn’t think was odd because we enjoyed driving all around exploring new places and being tourists already. The road to the summit of Mount Evans is the highest paved auto road in North America, climbing to 14,260 feet above sea level. Considering the time of month, the path to the very top of the Mountain was closed due to high volume of snow of course. While driving the extremely narrow road, we quickly felt like we were the only ones on the entire mountain because we hardly saw other passerby’s.

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Slowing driving, Eric saw a “spot” that can’t be explained into words just how jaw-dropping the view was. This area had just enough space for him to back his truck up so we could sit on the tailgate overlooking the mountains. There we were listening to the light sounds of snow falling off the trees and the sun shining on us in complete serenity. Not to mention we brought our dog Gunner along for the ride and he was enjoying the views as well, or so we like to think he was. Being the crazy pup mom that I am and everyone knows I am, I quickly wanted to take advantage of the views by taking pictures of Gunner looking majestic on the mountain. A few snaps here and there and before I knew, Gunner was back on the tailgate as happy as can be.

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Eric took my hand and walked me near the edge of the mountain, he grabbed both my hands and began to express the amazing time he was having on our vacation so far and said he couldn’t imagine being there with anyone else in world… I was oblivious and responded with something silly and was probably talking too much as a response. lol! He then said “I have one question for you”. Still oblivious to what is going on, I’m certain my response was “huh yeah?”…thinking he wanted to know what I want to do for dinner or where we should go tomorrow. He smiled the most genuine, heartfelt smile, got down on one knee right there in the snow and asked me to make him the happiest man in the world by being his wife. YES! YES! YES! A thousand yes’s! I laughed and cried. Wow! That feeling every girl waits to have, just happened. I’m marrying the absolute man of my dreams!

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