Kristy and David

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How We Met

We met in high school after a rivalry football game between our two schools. The week leading up to the game he kept trying to convince me that he went to the better school and that they were going to win. During the game, I was cheering for my school while he was playing for the other. I kept seeing him look at me during the game, but I tried to play it cool like I didn’t notice. He ended up winning the game. After, we continued to talk every day and eventually started dating about seven months later. The following year I ended up transferring to his school. I guess it didn’t take too much to convince me that his school was better, he was just an extra, added bonus. Oddly enough, 4 years later I was able to convince him that my college was better, and it was his turn to transfer.

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how they asked

It was our 5 year anniversary and I told him all I wanted was for him to plan a night for me, full of surprises. He told me we had a dinner reservation but we had some time to kill before. He brought me to my favorite place, set up a picnic at the lighthouse, had music, wine, and a letter he wrote me. At first, he asked me to read the letter but i immediately started crying at all the sweet things it said. I asked him to read it to me instead. After he read the letter to me, he asked if I wanted to walk to the water. I agreed, but as soon as we stood up he took my hands and said “I know you asked me to make all the decisions today, but you have to make one…” he got on one knee and well, you know the rest. obviously, I SAID YES ! After, he brought me back to my place so we could drop something off before dinner, but when I walked into my house I was greeted by my family and best friends to celebrate our engagement! I was stunned and crying in disbelief of everything. It was nothing short of PERFECT.

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Special Thanks

Madison Allen
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring