Kristy and Darwin

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How We Met

I met him 7 years ago and from then on we’ve been completely inseparable. I was just graduating high school and fell for someone that I never thought I would. The funny thing is that I was just looking to have fun when we first began talking – but he had other plans. I met him at a graduation party and ended up speaking to him for a bit. I was the one who took the plunge and friended him first on Facebook – which is something I would NEVER do. The rest was history. From then on, he reserved every Thursday (his day off from work at the time) for dates with me. The first date he ever took me to was to a carnival and I’ll never forget the way he made me feel. I had never been so nervous on a date with someone before. We barely spoke, but I remember blushing a ton every time he looked at me. I still have the stuffed dolphin he won for me.

how they asked

Both born and raised in Queens, New York, We decided recently that we wanted to move out of the state and had our hearts set on in Arizona. We booked our tickets 3 months in advance to go apartment/house hunting and I had no idea that would be when he would pop the question. The first hour we got to Arizona, he kept urging for us to go on a hiking trail (a mutual hobby of ours) right after lunch. He didn’t say much and didn’t seem all there during lunch, so I thought he wasn’t feeling okay. I asked him where he thought we should go for the hike and he said he googled something really quick and found somewhere cool. The next thing I know, I’m on top of huge rocks, sweating, waiting for a random stranger to take pictures of us on my phone.

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He got down on one knee and for the first time, I was completely speechless. I imagined this in my head a million times and thought I’d be blubbering like a baby but instead, all I could do was smile uncontrollably and laugh. My bestest friend and favorite human in the entire universe had asked me to marry him! After a little moment of finally soaking in what just happened (and my hands stopped shaking), he confessed he had a whole speech to give me but got too nervous and all that came out was “will you marry me, lovey?” After hearing what he really wanted to say, the blubbering kicked in. This is the man I want to wake up to for the rest of my life. And my god did he do a great job on the ring!!! I’m obsessed!

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