Kristy and Bryan

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How We Met

It was one year, one month ago a man on a dating website sent me a message. I thought he was cute and decided to write him back. We clicked pretty fast. I loved getting emails from him, loved talking to him. On January 16, 2017, I received horrible news. My baby brother took his own life. Bryan was the first person I told while on the way to my mom’s to be with her. I just couldn’t handle the loss of my brother and stopped talking to Bryan. Deleted my account. Three months later I decided I was ready to date again. The same night I reopened my account I got a message from Bryan asking how I was doing.

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He was very concerned about me and what I had gone through. It was impressive. On March 25th we had our first date. We went out for coffee and it kinda sucked. We didn’t talk. Didn’t look at each other. Nothing. Again I thought well so much for that. He asked me to the movies that night and it was the most perfect date I have ever had. We did not go home until 2 am. The first 2 months of our relationship was spent long distance because he was doing army stuff. When he got back I couldn’t believe how strong we were. We built an entire relationship on communication and no physical contact. He moved in, in Sept.

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how they asked

The end of September after we put 4 kids to bed, we made some nachos and put on an old black and white abbot and Costello movie. Laying in each other’s arms on the floor laughing away, I looked up at him and said I can’t wait to marry you. His response was, would you though? I thought he was joking and laughed and then said wait are you asking me something.

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He just smiled and kissed me. I couldn’t do anything but tear up during the kiss and shake my head yes. He didn’t even have a ring yet but said he just had to do it because it felt like the perfect moment and it was. I would not change anything. We are now nine months away from our wedding with the venue booked and honeymoon paid for and I couldn’t be any happier. Life is perfect!

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