Kristy and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met during our Junior year at the University of Michigan. One of our mutual friends wanted to go to a party at Andrew’s fraternity and I wasn’t planning to go. However, she convinced me. While at the party, Andrew and I got to talking. We knew each other for 2 years prior (we actually met during our first week of college!), but for some reason, we got to talking that night and completely hit it off. Andrew told me about his upcoming date party (Skate Date!) and made a bet with me that if I couldn’t find him a date to the party, I would have to be his date. We exchanged phone numbers to track the bet. At that point, the rest was history. Andrew told me he found a date and that it was me! We went to the party and had a great time and now, here we are, over 4 years later!!

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how they asked

As I mentioned, Andrew and I met at the University of Michigan. This year, we celebrated our 4 year anniversary! To celebrate, Andrew told me that he was taking me to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Ruth’s Chris in Ann Arbor. Prior to dinner, Andrew told me to pack a bag because he had arranged for us to stay at a hotel in Ann Arbor, so we wouldn’t have to drive home. I got dressed up for dinner and packed and we headed on our way. We had a wonderful time at dinner and ate all of our favorites: calamari, steak, dessert and absolutely wonderful service. Andrew mentioned that he’d like to go for a walk on Michigan’s campus after dinner. I found it to be unusual because he was incredibly persistent about it and hadn’t cared too much for spending time on campus recently, but it sounded fun, so I went along with it. We got to campus and walked to the arch in the heart of campus.

According to University of Michigan legend, if you kiss your significant other under the arch at midnight, you will marry the person. As we walked up to the arch, I saw people speed walking out of the tunnel and archway. I still wasn’t sure what was happening. Andrew and I got to the arch and kissed and as soon as we did, Andrew said, “Well, now we have to make sure the tradition comes true!” He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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Of course I said yes! As he put the ring on my finger, I heard one of my favorite songs, “We Found Love,” playing from the bushes. I looked over to see our best friends, Kristen and Daniel, who had been hiding and taking pictures/video the whole time!! It was such a wonderful proposal and we will always remember having our best friends there to celebrate our big moment with us!

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