Kristy and Al

Image 1 of Kristy and AlHow we met: I met Al through my part time job where he and his son have bowled for many years. It was a few years before we actually started to get to know each other. We both agree that the first time we really met and had a conversation was on 10/27/2012. We were both out with our friends celebrating Halloween and we ran into each other. He was dressed up as Deion Sanders from the DirecTV NFL Fairies commercial, wings and all. I was dressed up as a Biker, one of the Village People. We had talked for a while but eventually had to go our separate ways. It was a few weeks later that everything started to fall into place, we became friends on Facebook and Al sent his first message on 12/17/2012. Many messages later he asked me on our first date. It was a great way to start the new year 1/1/2013, we had Dinner at my favorite hometown restaurant Villa Valenti and saw a movie afterwards; The Guilt Trip. It was the best first date, I had never laughed so much or felt so comfortable. A few dates later and Al asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been dating since 1/29/2013.

how they asked: We had talked about marriage since the very early stages of our relationship. Everything felt different with each other, we laughed for hours, we talked for hours, we had felt like we knew each other all our lives but still had the excitement of just meeting. Al had never been much of a traveler and I on the other hand loved being on the go so we decided to book our first vacation together. Some where close because Al has never been on a plane. He loves to gamble and I love the beach so Atlantic City was the perfect spot, close and a great combination of both.

Little did I know August 21st 2014 was going to become a day to remember. We had checked into the hotel early afternoon and started to get ready for our night, dinner at Angeloni’s II and a magic show at Trump Taj Mahal. We had decided to walk on the beach after the magic show, it was a beautiful night and we wanted to enjoy it. I had started to get a headache so we headed back to the room to relax. Once I opened the hotel room door there were rose petals everywhere, Al told me to keep walking. On the table was a caricature of us on the beach, in the outfits we were wearing. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening, I thought I was seeing something I wasn’t supposed to.

When I turned around Al was down on one knee with a diamond ring in his hand. I asked “Is this really happening?” he said “Yes.” He was definitely nervous as was I, he told me how much he loved me and asked if I remembered the first time he told me he wanted to marry me then proceeded to ask me those 4 unforgettable words “Will you marry me?” I said of course and hugged him as tight as possible. Shortly after we started making the happy phone calls to family and loved ones. To this day I still can’t believe we are actually engaged and planning a wedding.

Image 2 of Kristy and Al