Kristopher & Cassandra | New Zealand Helicopter Proposal

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How We Met: In 2011, some may remember the predictions of Harold Camping that the world would end on May 21, 2011. For some tongue-in-cheek entertainment, a mutual friend of ours and I(Kristopher) decided to throw a “End of the World”/Birthday party for ourselves, since mine was a few days before and hers a few days after the prediction. Cassandra was invited by the mutual friend, and was amused enough by the concept to come.
I was instantly drawn to her. I found her intriguing: her dark sense of humor combined with a respect and kindness for all those around her. I immediately began to try and hang out with her more, asking her out a few months later. I was kindly but firmly told “no”, but she felt so bad about it that she called me back to make sure I was OK. From that point, and over the next several years, we became good friends, then great friends, then best friends… and eventually began spending 2 to 8 hours with each other every day for an entire month. Finally we started admitting to each other that we were more than just friends, and actually started dating.

how they asked: Several months before we were dating, the idea popped up that we should take a trip to New Zealand. I had not been on an actual vacation since childhood, and we both wanted to go there. So, we started making plans. It just so happened that, after starting our relationship, we were going to be in New Zealand for our 6 month dating anniversary. So I told her that I wanted to do something very special for our 6-month. She had suspicions that I might be planning on proposing, but I never let on, and kept emphasizing a special activity and being in a certain location in the islands on the date of our anniversary. She still suspected right up until I pulled into the parking lot for the helicopter line, and thought to herself “Oh, surely he wouldn’t do a helicopter ride AND propose”.

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But, when we got to the top of the mountain, as I handed off the camera to the pilot so he could take pictures, I got her attention and told her, “There’s something I’d like to ask you.” As I knelt down, I hear her say “Oh, no!” (She later tells me she thought I had fallen down). I brought out the ring and asked. She’s barely able to speak, but said “Yes”, and nodded vigorously, and then kissed me.

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The pilot and other passengers had no idea it was coming, and were suitably surprised. Sadly, the time on the mountain was pretty short, so we couldn’t stay up and savor the moment as much as we would have liked.