Kristine and William

How We Met

It was our freshman year of college and I noticed him right away. He was perfectly “my type” at the time and I was lucky that he sat in front of me in English class. Our worlds collided when we had the opportunity to grade each other’s essays, little did I know that I was holding his. Half way through grading his essay, I called out who is William!? I had been frustrated with the use of a double negative. When he turned around and said he was William, I could only laugh in my head! We quickly became an odd set of friends and would often joke around during class. We dated through college, through the start of our careers and now we’re ready for our next chapter. To this day, I still tease him about making it to college with double negatives in tow!

Image 1 of Kristine and William

how they asked

We were on our 3rd city of our big Euro trip. We had been to London and Amsterdam before we had arrived in Barcelona. At this point I was exhausted from walking every city. We went to see Park Guell, the “Central Park” of Spain. It was a beautiful day and an even more beautiful place, we had made our way to the top of the park where you were able to see the city all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. I decided to sit to rest on a ledge and he plopped down with me. Our best friend was with us on this adventure and just so happens to enjoy photography. Little did I know they had this all planned out together. Will asked our friend for his iPad, I figured he was going to read a book while we were resting. Instead, he had a slideshow paired with music of the last 8.5 years of our relationship. Photos from college that I forgot existed were there in front of me and instantly, I was laughing and crying at the same time. At this point, I still didn’t see a ring coming, I thought he was just being romantic and silly. It wasn’t until he got down on one knee that it hit me that this was real…

Image 2 of Kristine and William

Special Thanks

Jake Bogitsh
 | Photography