Kristine and Vincent

how we met

We met while we were both in school at West Virginia University studying Medical Laboratory Science. Although our program was small and it didn’t take long for all the students to get to know each other, the two of us needed some time to build the courage to talk to each other. After a few months passed, and with the encouragement of a mutual friend, Vinny asked me out on a date to a local restaurant. After that day, we spent nearly every day together, whether it was spending all day in class, helping each other study, or enjoying everything Morgantown and WVU has to offer.

how they asked

The proposal was a total surprise that Vinny planned himself. We had traveled to Charleston, South Carolina for what I thought was just a birthday celebration. I had no idea that Vinny had been spending the months leading up to this trip designing an engagement ring, choosing a location, hiring a photographer, and asking my mother’s permission. He had decided to propose on a bridge at Magnolia Plantation and had the photographer waiting there for us to arrive. When we walked along the bridge, he suddenly turned to me, grabbed my hand, and got down on one knee to propose. I had no idea he was planning to propose! It all felt so surreal and I couldn’t believe what was happening. We spent the rest of the day telling our families the news and letting it sink in that we were officially engaged and a wedding to plan!

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