Kristine and Nicholas

How We Met

I met the love of my life a year and a half ago and I can’t imagine a more perfect proposal. My fiancé went to high school in Avon, Connecticut and he still has a special relationship with the school. He always tells me how this school made him the man who he is today. I knew this place meant a lot to him and when we first visited last fall, the site was magical. The trees were all draped in a coat of beautiful colors; it was the most peaceful and serene place to be.

how they asked

My fiancé asked if we could escape NYC and go up to Avon for a little weekend getaway. So as we’re driving up to CT our plan was to wake up the next morning at 4:45 am and watch the sunrise. I took a quick shower that morning and left to go watch the sunrise; this view overlooks the mountains and is a mesmerizing sight in the morning. As we were talking and taking in the beauty, I told my boyfriend (at the time) that this spot would make the most gorgeous engagement photos. Little did I know he was just about to ask! I spotted someone in the background and told my boyfriend that someone was here and we’re going to get in trouble, as we did not stop in with security when we arrived on campus. He confidently said “it’s probably just a worker doing maintenance.” I fully believed him. As we were talking, he quickly dropped to the floor on one knee and explained how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of our lives together.

Image 1 of Kristine and Nicholas

At that moment everything seemed to be moving in slow motion and all I remember is saying YES!

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And then quickly asking if he asked for my parents permission which he did the week before. I then realized the person I saw in the background was taking pictures of us and it was actually one of my fiancés friends who does photography. He brought champagne and we happily sipped our first glasses as a newly engaged couple at 6am!

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I excitingly called my friends and family and was treated to a family dinner with both my immediate family and that of my fiancé’s. I cannot imagine a more perfect or romantic proposal from the man I will the spend the rest of my life with.

Image 4 of Kristine and Nicholas