Kristine and Matthew

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How We Met

We met at Bar Drinkery 9 years ago.

How They Asked

For many years I always make a bucket list, in that bucket list I’ve always wanted to go to Catalina island but for some reason, there’s always something going on in that year that I’m so busy I can’t go. So in 2019 right before the year was ending I cried because here’s another year that I won’t be able to go. It has always been a dream of mine to visit there for some reason, something always called me to visit there just didn’t know what. Matt told me that he wanted me to go to LA to meet one of his clients and since he’s Asian he thought I would be a good companion to close a deal since I’m also Asian lol. I was so drained from family Christmas that I didn’t want to go, but I went anyway. We got to LA and a couple of hours in he said his client canceled and is there anything I’d like to do. Little did I know he already has everything planned and ask if I wanted to go to Catalina island of course I said yes. There he had the helicopter ready for us to take us to the island. That night we went to dinner and that’s where he proposed. Completely shocked because I definitely did not see it coming, in all the years we’ve traveled together I always had an outfit just in case, this time I was not prepared because I definitely thought we were there for work. He definitely made this proposal so magical and so thoughtful to make sure that before the end of the year I got to check off one last of my bucket list. Now I know why God swerved me all these years to come to Catalina Island because he was saving it for the most special moment of my life.