Kristine and Justin

How We Met

It all started in grade nine, 17 years ago. We went to the same high school and our favorite pastime was snowboarding at the local ski resort. I first noticed him at the ski resort. From then, we dated and went to some school dances, and continued to snowboard. Our first kiss was on chairlift #5 in Dec/2001, our first dance was Nov/2001.

We went our separate ways and dated other people, and in 2014 he reached out to meet up to reconnect. For two years we chatted off and on until finally, I said yes to a date. As we were on our first date at a small town pub, childhood friends saw us and asked if we were still together. From there we started to date, 13.5 months he proposed where we had our first kiss, on chairlift #5.

How They Asked

When we arrived in the chalet, he had our close family and friends waiting to give us their congrats. This resort does not usually take chalet reservations, however, he begged the manager to allow this as it was a memorable place for us and he was proposing, so they allowed him to book the reservations. We will be getting married in June 2019.