Kristine and Eric | Amazing Video

How We Met: We like to say we met in a parking lot. We went on our first blind date on June 1st 2010 at a local Starbucks but crossed paths before I had even parked my car . Six hours later, after talking about school, friends, and family (and the fact that his name is my brother’s and my name is his sister’s!) our marathon coffee date was over and we didn’t know it at the time but so were are days as two single people.

how they asked: First, check out their amazing video! Then read her Kristine’s adorable story below… (they’re also in a contest to win a wedding dress! vote for them here!)

“I’m never going to marry you until I know you aren’t dead inside and I see you cry” are words that my now fiancé, Eric, used to hear all the time. For the longest time he claimed he hadn’t shed a tear in almost 20 years. After many viewings of “Coming Home” & “The Notebook” I was convinced that he was one of the least romantic and unemotional people in the world. I take it back.

On June 7th 2012, the love of my life and I made it to the ever coveted 2 year mark. After planning our entire first anniversary celebration I left this one completely up to him. Thinking he could in no way out do me we walked through a local park and came to a clearing with a stylish little picnic for the two of us. I was floored, it was everything I could have hoped for. Until he asked me if I wanted my real present. I believe “Duh?” was my response. He got me to stand up and close my eyes and once I could sense him starting to cry I finally figured out what was going on. So he threw his whole speech out the window and popped down on one knee. I was completely speechless. Of course I said, “YES!” and completely broke down as well.

I pretty much missed the boat on this one…. Romantic picnic. He cried. I cried. He proposed. I said yes. And I bought him bath towels for our anniversary. WHOOPS! Also to my surprise, two of my best friends were hidden out in the bushes documenting the whole moment. P.S. The only rule was I wasn’t allowed to tell people he cried. Whoops. Sorry honey. You’re marrying a total tattle-tale.