Kristine and Eddie

Image 1 of Kristine and Eddie

How We Met

Eddie and Kristine crossed paths way before they even realized it! Kristine lived in the same neighborhood as Eddie’s aunt and uncle.. literally around the corner. Kristine’s family are huge Green Bay Packers fans and right around the corner stood a house with a Chicago Bears flag flying. One Halloween, years before Eddie and Kristine even met, Kristine wore a Packers hat and made it a point to walk to that “Bears” house, where Eddie’s uncle would (for the first time of many, many times) shout “Go Bears”! This led to walking to the Bears’ house year after year to hear “Go Bears” where Kristine would respond with “Go Pack Go”! Fast forward years later, Kristine and Eddie came across each other online through mutual interests and Eddie sent a friendly message to Kristine, where they chatted and became friends and realized that his uncle and aunt were right there at the Bears’ house. After becoming friends, Eddie and Kristine went out on a date and the rest is history!

How They Asked

It’s important to note how special of a place Disneyland is to Kristine and Eddie. From their very first visit there to the day of the proposal, there are so many fun memories and adventures made there as you can see from the huge collage of photos from before they got engaged there!

Image 2 of Kristine and Eddie

June 30th, 2022 was the day the proposal happened. This is Kristine’s birthday, so Eddie brought the idea up to take this Thursday off work and go have a fun Disney day. The morning of the proposal, Eddie encouraged Kristine to go have a little spa morning prior to heading into Disneyland.

Image 4 of Kristine and Eddie

After that, Eddie picked Kristine up and they had lunch and a quick run to Target (of course Kristine forgot her sunglasses at home). We were finally on our way to Disneyland and everything seemed like it was going to be a great, fun, and typical Disney day!

Image 5 of Kristine and Eddie

Image 6 of Kristine and Eddie