Kristine and Daniel

Image 1 of Kristine and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and Kristine were both working at summer camp for many years when they finally crossed paths. Kristine was working at the dance camp while Daniel was working at the swimming camp and extended day camp brought them together. Suddenly Daniel had the same work schedule as Kristine and there love for children brought them closer together each day. Not to long after, Daniel was driving Kristine home after work everyday when Kristine asked how she could repay him for his kindness, Daniel responded “You can let me take you out for coffee!”

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how they asked

On a rainy Sunday Daniel and Kristine went to Church as they normally do and proceeded to stay out of the house to spend quality time. However, little did Kristine know her family and best friends were at her home decorating and preparing for the most memorable moment of Kristine’s life, her dream proposal. Daniel returned with Kristine just after sunset, when suddenly Daniel drew her attention to the backyard. T

ones of lights began to shine bright, while close family and friends surrounded them, each holding candles, while Daniels best friends played their favourite song “I want to grow old with you”. In the rain, Daniel brought Kristine to the middle of it all and went into a special box hanging from the tree which had their initials hanging and got the ring he specially designed for Kristine. Daniel proceeded with a few beautiful words and got down on one knee and asked Kristine the four magical words she had dreamed of hearing from Daniel, “Kristine Natalie Cuenca, Will you marry me?”

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