Kristine and Dale

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

How We Met

I was a freshman in college and he was in his last semester. I was on tinder for fun, after having just gone through a breakup and wasn’t looking for anything serious. I marched this cute boy named Dale and we hit it off from the first message. Our first date lasted about 3 hours with us talking the whole time until the restaurant kicked us out. My “not wanting anything serious” was over after that.

how they asked

We were in New York City for Christmas and our 2 year anniversary. I had a whole big day planned of sight seeing, but he first wanted to stop and see the Brooklyn Bridge from Dumbo Park. We were down there taking pictures and he started telling me how much he loved me and how we had come so far. My naive self said “jeez this feels like a proposal” and I was saying that, he got down on one knee and asked! Even had a photographer there to capture the moment. Best day of my life.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Brooklyn Bridge, New York City