Kristina and Kyler | Christmas Proposal

How We Met: Originally, we were in the same 3rd grade class as kids, but our story doesn’t begin here. When I was in 9th grade on christmas break, I broke out some old yearbooks and came across his picture. I had this feeling that I needed to look him up on facebook and see what he had been up to. To my surprise he only lived 20 minutes away from where I lived. After talking on facebook for months, and me actually being in a VERY short lived relationship, we finally met (again). My heart knew he was something special, and that he was going to change my life forever (good or bad, though, I wasn’t sure of.) We ended up being off and on MANY times for a year before I completely wrote him off and we started to see other people. We both had gotten into some serious relationships, but neither of us felt right in them.

During this time, my best friend and his best friend had been dating for a while, and her birthday was coming up. She wanted to go bowling and then stay at her house, she was also close with Kyler due to dating his best friend and wanted to invite him. Neither him or I were enthused with the idea, but hey, it wasnt our birthday. We both attended and it was really awkward for most of the night. Then, something switched, and he poured out to me all his feelings and regrets and we decided to try our relationship one last time. He asked me out at midnight New Years Eve of 2012, and the rest is really history.

how they asked: We had been talking about engagement for some time, and in September we decided to go to a local Zales store to try on some styles and the plan was for him to pick out a ring on a later date. The plan didn’t really work out, and we ended up buying that day. So with the surprise of the ring out of the way, he really had to surprise me with how he was going to ask. My only requests being that it wasn’t SUPER public, and I wanted someone to take pictures (in a restaurant, public venue, or in front of our whole church congregation). He has always been bad at keeping secrets and surprises from me, so i really felt like this would not be a surprise, but it really was!

Okay, so on to the story! Our church has a special dress up service during Christmas season. Every one is in their nicest attire, and every one takes family pictures in front of the tree. It’s one of my favorite services. My pastor’s wife has a nice DSLR camera, but was using it to take pictures of kids on Santa’s lap in the lobby. Kyler had said to me that he wanted to get a picture in front of the tree, but with her camera for better quality than our phones. He also had our friends, who incidentally are the Youth group leaders (which we help with), act like they needed to have a meeting with us to stall me from trying to leave too soon.)

So, he got my pastor’s wife upstairs to take pictures. First of my whole family, and then my parents, and lastly would be us. I had suspicions at this point, and started to become extremely nervous. Finally he pulled out the box, got down on one knee and simply said, “Will you marry me?” I said yes, and we hugged. This was quickly followed by roars of confusion by my parents. In trying to keep it a surprise from me, he had also kept it a surprise from my parents (he asked permission, but wasn’t sure of when to do it when he asked). So after they missed it, they made him reenact it! The only people in attendance were my church’s pastors and their families, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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