Kristina and Zach

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How We Met

Zach and I first met back in 2012, when I had started working at the same restaurant as him. I was a hostess and he was a busser. One afternoon, we had a pre-shift meeting where all the employees would sit in a back room, grab food and discuss the goals we would have to meet for the week. As I am eating my salad I had this weird feeling that someone was looking at me…well, I was right! I looked up to see Zach staring at me, he then turned away very quickly.

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After we were done with pre-shift, he came up to me and helped me with my plates. Of course, being new I did not really know where everything went. After that day, he would come up to the hostess stand (only if I was working) and crack jokes with me. Let me just say, if you can make me laugh that is the way to my heart and he did just that with his goofiness. On our first date, I was so nervous; I had a million butterflies in my stomach, tried on at least 5 outfits to find the right one, and was sweating like crazy!

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Part of me almost considered rescheduling, but I stuck it out. That evening Zach had taken me to a very quiet restaurant where it was only the two of us and one other couple. During dinner, we had so much to talk about that I could not believe I had so much in common with Zach. The one thing that I still remember to this day and he feels so embarrassed about was how he went to take a sip of iced tea, not using the straw to drink out of and somehow when he took a sip the straw moved and stuck him right in the eyeball. Zach’s eye was so red! I asked him if he could see and needed to go to the doctor. He told me no and said he was OK. Later that evening we went to see a movie that was awful, but we had fun poking fun and cracking wise the entire time.

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how they asked

After 6 years of being together, I started wondering when he might ask. I never thought it would be on the anniversary of our first date. To be completely honest, since we were going to Disneyland In October 2017, I thought he was going to ask then. I was VERY wrong!

That Saturday morning, Zach was acting weird, and I really couldn’t figure out why, so I just went along with it. Much later in the day, Zach had told me to put on shoes because we were going out. My first instinct was that we were going for ice cream (since it was extremely hot out that day, 115 degrees hot!).Turns out, he ended up taking me to Mt. Lemmon! On the way up, Zach had suggested, since it was getting cooler out (the more we drove up the mountain) to roll down the windows. He began rolling the windows down in his car down, when all of a sudden we heard “THUNK”! The motor for the window on the passenger side door broke! The look on Zach’s face was priceless; as we both did not expect that to happen! I was hysterically laughing for a good 10 minutes and Zach was not happy but still kept up high spirits as we continued up the mountain.That will be something we will never forget!

We finally made it up to the top of the mountain past Ski Valley where we found a spot that had a gorgeous view of the sun setting in the distance. As the sun finished it’s duty of illuminating our day, I saw Zach get on one knee and pull a ring our of his pocket. I immediately said yes and started to cry!!

On Saturday, June 17th, 2017, my best friend asked me to marry him!

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