Kristina and Vinnie

Image 1 of Kristina and Vinnie Delle

How We Met

We first met back in first grade. Vinnie and I were in different classes, but we would always see each other during lunch and recess times. We were in class together the following year and that was when my crush started. In third grade, we were in class together again. Vinnie was a football player and I was a cheerleader. Each cheerleader had to choose a football player to cheer for that year and decorate their houses before games and my player was Vinnie. During third grade, my crush on Vinnie grew. The only problem was that it was a one-sided crush. Vinnie would constantly tease me for wearing glasses and would hold my hand in the hallways to make other girls jealous. One rainy day, we had indoor recess and decided to play “spin the broccoli” because we did not have a bottle. Vinnie was the first one to spin and it landed on me and right there in the middle of third grade I had my first kiss with my future husband. That summer my heart was broken because Vinnie’s family decided to move away.

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Fast-forward twelve years later…

I was on Instagram and one of my friends from elementary school posted a picture and I noticed that Vinnie liked it. I had not seen him since third grade, but I remembered him and his name and decided to follow him and see what he has been up to the last twelve years. He followed me back and a few days later I received a message from him. He asked how I was doing and said that he remembered me from elementary school, We talked a bit and ended up exchanging numbers. We talked for two weeks, went on our first date and became a couple two weeks after that. The rest is history!

how they asked

It was July 12th, 2019 and Vinnie had asked if I wanted to go to dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. We had planned on going to a nice dinner because for Valentine’s Day I created a Twelve Months of Dates binder and a nice romantic dinner was one of those dates. We got to dinner and we ordered our food and while we were talking Vinnie just started laughing. He said “just open the box” I opened what looked to be a ring box and saw that there was a beautiful pearl and diamond necklace in the box. I quickly put the necklace on. This was not out of the ordinary because Vinnie was always surprising me with little things, especially before he leaves for a long period of time.

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Vinnie is in the army and was leaving for training before his upcoming deployment. We enjoyed a great dinner and placed our order for dessert. I excused myself from the table and went to the restroom. When I got back, Vinnie sat next to me because he wanted to see my necklace. While he was looking at the necklace I saw the waitress coming with our deserts. Vinnie looked at me with happiness in his eyes and said: “give me a kiss”. The waitress put a plate in front of me with the words “Will you marry me?” written in chocolate on the plate with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen in the middle. I wish I could remember what happened next, but all I know is that my everything asked me to be his forever and I said YES!

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