Kristina and Todd

T and K

How We Met

We met on St. Patrick’s Day at our friend Betty’s Nerdy Thirty Birthday party. It wasn’t hard for Todd to notice me, since I was the  winner of “best dressed nerd” and performed a dance on stage with the Birthday girl and LL.  But against all odds, I took a liking to Todd and made time to meet him.  After some witty banter and some awkward moments of silence, we ended up taking this picture together.  I grabbed Todd’s phone and said, “I want to text this picture to myself.”  Now Todd had my phone number…and so the story begins.  I knew Todd was a keeper when he actually called to ask me out to a first date, instead of texting.

how they asked

Proposal T and K

On our last dive in Ambergris Caye, Todd planned an unBelizable surprise at the “Tunnels of Love” for Valentines day. Todd and I were following Ian, the dive master 85 feet under water through small dark coral and rock tunnels. We saw a turtle and I started swimming after it.  Ian and Todd got me back “on track”.   After a gorgeous dive “flying” over the gorgeous underwater landscape, we swam out of a pitch black tunnel that opened into an expansive lit area.  I was shocked to see a banner that our friends Brian and Angie were holding. It read “Kristina, will you be my forever dive buddy?” I turned around and Todd put a beautiful ring on my finger while kneeling on the ocean floor. We were under water so I nodded “yes” and did the scuba sign for “okay”. We sealed the deal with a kiss.  I used a ton of air from my tank since I was so surprised and excited!  Luckily I didn’t drown!  On the boat ride back to the dock we saw a mother and baby dolphin swim alongside us.  They even jumped up to form a heart <3 with their bodies.  jk

When we arrived at the dock, the dive crew had set up a cute “Congratulations” sign and had chocolate, strawberries and champagne for us. It was a perfect day followed by a nice massage on the dock at sunset and a lovely dinner with surprise champagne from my MOH, Katie.

Our Video

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Special Thanks

Ian Olivia
Scuba Diver Operator and GoPro Videographer