Kristina and Tim's Snowy Central Park Proposal

Image 1 of Kristina and Tim

how we met

Tim and I first met at school when we were about 15 and 16 years old. We got to know each other as our best friends at that time were dating. Although we had already had a crush on each other then, it took a long time until we finally started dating about a year later. Ever since then (2006) we are in love.

Image 2 of Kristina and Tim

how they asked

Tim and I love travelling. We were looking forward to our trip to New York at the end of 2014. We loved the city and totally enjoyed every day. One morning, Tim asked me to get dressed nicely but also warm enough to stay out for some time. Tim uses to surprise me sometimes and I thought it might be an early Christmas present. However, I thought he was quite distressed about the weather being not as nice as the days before. It also began to snow a little (how romantic :-)). We got close to Central Park and went there for a short stroll until we reached the Gapstow Bridge. We looked down on the skating ring and talked a little. Suddenly, Tim turned to me and took my hands, he went on his knees and proposed. It was magical! I think Tim didn’t really realize until then how perfect everything was (especially with the snow and all). I couldn’t say much, but YES! This moment we will both share forever and although it’s all in our heads I’m so grateful for the amazing pictures Sascha took to capture the moment.

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