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Early April: Completely normal and unsuspecting, we received an invitation in the mail for a surprise 40th birthday party for Steve’s good friend and coworker. We kept the invitation on the fridge, we RSVP’d, and bought a card and a gift. ALL. COMPLETELY. NORMAL. Except…as I would find out much later, it was all fake!!

May 17: The night before the proposal, we attended a wonderful wedding for Steve’s good friends Pat & Joelle where Steve was a groomsman. While I was in the dark about what the next day would bring, his friends all knew and were EXTRA insistent and generous getting me drinks that night. It was all fun and games until..

May 18: I woke up on Saturday (unknowing proposal day) with a very bad hangover. Steve reminded me that we had that party for his coworker and I could not process any information through my pounding head. While I nursed my hangover in bed for most of the day Steve was able to pull together the final details and run some last minute errands before the big night without me realizing ANYTHING. My mom even texted me mid-day to completely keep me unsuspecting by telling me to tell Steve that I don’t want to go to the party, and that I don’t feel well and can’t make it (as she was already at the venue setting up!) I woke up mid-afternoon, rushed to get ready, changed several times (typical me) and left in a hurry not sure about my outfit so we could get there in time for “the surprise”. A friend even called on our Uber drive over to ask when we’d be there so we don’t ruin the surprise… just another small detail that kept me in the dark. He was cool as a cucumber in the Uber there. The weather was perfect and sunny. We pulled up to the pier (where I was told we were meeting everyone to walk over together).

Kristina's Proposal in Hoboken, NJ

Little did I know, friends were laying down in the grass military style hiding out to watch. Steve tells me he sees his friends down the pier so we continue walking and are approached by a man. At first, I think it’s one of Steve’s coworkers. He introduces himself to me and then whips out a guitar from behind his back and begins to sing. I FREEZE. (When I first met Steve we were driving in the car and “From This Moment On” by Shania Twain came on. I told him the story of how I loved the song in the ’90s and dreamt of being a bride when I grew up and getting married listening to it). Shortly after two women and one more man join in singing to form a quartet. They are serenading me as I stand in shock, singing the song that I mentioned to him months before. Steve holds me and we dance and he starts his sweet speech.

He tells me that the whole party was made up and that he’s been planning this for months. He assures me that he knew he wanted to marry me from the moment he met me. I cannot believe it. Am in pure shock! He gets on his knees to ask me to marry him and I say YES without hesitation. It was such a special moment. A photographer and videographer become visible and have been documenting this the whole time. Such a dream. As we are walking and taking photos rounding a corner Steve mentions that the surprise is not over and that around 100 of our closest family and friend are waiting for us in a bar to celebrate. At that moment a State Trooper Bag Pipe player walks outside to greet us again with song. We walk into cheers, happy tears, applause and champagne. The quartet followed us into the bar to perform the song once more as we danced and floated. We partied and celebrated the night away from there!

He was in cahoots with close friends, family, musicians, and vendors to plan this day down to every last crazy detail for months with framed photos, a banner, balloons, cake, champagne, food and cocktails. He did it perfectly. Not one person slipped on the surprise! It was the most special and thoughtful day and I will always be thankful!!

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