Kristina and Stephen


How We Met

We met 4 years ago where no couple should meet .. at a bar.  He tried to pick me up and I told him he had no game.  It was happily ever after since then..

how they asked

He took me to dinner at XIX Nineteen Restaurant, located on the 19th floor of the Hyatt Bellevue, Philadelphia, which overlooked the entire city skyline from a black rod iron railed roof top terrace. We were seated inside by the window and had just finished our second glass of pinot noir, when a photographer came over and asked if she could get by our table to get to the terrace to take pictures for a magazine piece. I smiled and let her by us.

Stephen then turned to me and asked if I would like to go outside on the terrace to get our picture taken as the sun was setting and nighttime was nearby. He signaled to the manager and she followed us outside with my camera phone in hand.

Just as our picture was being taken, Stephen dropped to his knee. I was speechless as time stood still. The photographer was suddenly capturing this moment. She was there for me… for us.
Champagne and celebrations followed and we had a breathtaking engagement shoot on top of the world.


Special Thanks

Samantha Bonpensiero