Kristina and Roman's Sweet Picnic Proposal

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How We Met

Roman and I met through church and mutual friends. He is from Columbus OH, and I and from Rochester NY. I actually don’t remember meeting him until the 3rd time we met! In a span of a little over a year he was trying to get my number and had a crush on me since day 1. Being states apart we only saw each other a few times but when we did we introduced ourselves (again) until the 3rd time it stuck with me (finally). And after that we became friends but it was only about a month after the 3rd introduction that we actually got each others number. He posted a Haiti mission trip sign up on Instagram and I had been wanting to go for years but it never worked out. The dates he posted fit perfectly with school so I quickly Direct messaged him about it. Taking this opportunity he gave me his number for “more information” about the trip but he was actually trying to talk to me! So from that moment we became snapchat friends AND texting AND on Instagram messaging. So in the following weeks we would talk on and off. In December of 2015 I was going on vacation with my cousins and on the 6 hour drive to Massachusetts with my cousin I was texting him and we were playing the question game. We continued to play this game for a few days until we knew more about each other than anyone else. From there on we talked and got to know each other even more and dated shortly after.

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how they asked

Since I was out of the country on my real birthday I came back and he took me on a picnic for a belated birthday date on July 26, 2016. Before we started eating he gave me my birthday gift and then said he has a letter for me later. (We write letters on and off so I was used to getting them). So we ate and talked and then he started reading. He had written about our beginning and brought up the question game and how our story went and at the end he said he had one more question for me. And then he asked the best question of all.

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Special Thanks

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