Kristina and Raffi

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How We Met

After only dating a year there was no doubt that Raffi was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We met working on a non-profit project and both not looking for a relationship at the time. I was finishing up my masters program and he was focused on his career. After asking me out for the first time after we met I turned him down saying that i wanted to finish school first, he thought I wasn’t interested. Once I moved back home I couldn’t help but reach out and meet for coffee. That was the beginning…

how they asked

Raffi has always been fascinated with dolphins and sea animals. He had told me weeks in advance that he was listening to a podcast and they said that the dolphins were migrating from the north to south, and anywhere along PCH one can watch it. He set a date for us to go “dolphin watching” and said that we’ll go to a nice dinner in Malibu after. I got suspicious and googled it. In fact, it was true!! We dressed nicely and he picked the spot and made dinner reservations. We drove to El Matador beach where we stood out looking at the water, as I was looking for dolphins.. As we walked around to different spots on the cliff I looked out to the water and I felt him staring at me. I look down to the sand and I see “MARRY ME” written in the sand.

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I quickly thought it was for someone else, then my heart started beating and I looked to him and said “Raff….is that ours??”

He looked at me and smiled and starting talking and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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After saying “YES!” he told me to turn around. He had a photographer taking pictures of us. During all this, he had a drone flying over us capturing the entire moment.

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After our amazing photographer (@kristaashley) snapped breathtaking photos of us we got in the car (where he set up a go-pro to document our drive) and headed to dinner. We pulled into moon shadows, a restaurant we both love, and walked out to the patio. I was surprised by my entire family and his family. We had drinks and celebrated. I am just amazed at how every detail was thought out. On our first date I told him I wanted my proposal to be memorable and documented. He went far beyond that. I am engaged to my best friend and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him! (fyi: customary for the bride to wear her ring on the right side until the band is put on, on the wedding day)

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Special Thanks

Krista Ashley
 | photographer