Kristina and Nicholas

How We Met

Nick and I met online with love at first swipe right! We started messaging, which turned into a phone call, which led to our first date two weeks later. Prior to meeting in person, I explained to Nick how I had planned to move to South Carolina that Saturday for a teaching position for the school year. But he insisted on meeting me anyways, which I am so grateful that he did. On Wednesday, July 27, 2016 Nick drove 2 hours from his hometown in Poneto, Indiana to meet me in Bowling Green, Ohio where I was finishing college for the summer. My roommate was moving out of the house that evening with her parents so the back door was left open as they made their trips to the truck. Then I heard a car pull up in the driveway and my dog darted outside. I took off running after him yelling “Oliver! Oliver come!” As I stepped outside, I saw the most handsome man I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Nick was down on the ground petting Oliver and his tail was wagging like crazy. When Nick stood up, my thoughts were…Dang, this man is out of my league…and he wants to go on a date with ME?…and calm down Kristina, just be yourself. He then handed me a bouquet of flowers and gave me a hug hello. It was so comforting to finally meet him as I looked at him with googly eyes. Our first date was rather long for a typical first date, but quickly started falling in love with each other as the hours went on. We got dinner at The Stone’s Throw, drove back to my house to get Oliver, and walked through the woods on the Slippery Elm Trail. That is where I took Nick’s hand for the first time to walk. He later explained to me that at that moment, I took his breath away, which I noticed that he stopped talking because he lost his train of thought. When it was dark, we sat up on the rooftop of my junky college house and talked for hours gazing at the stars.

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I had classes the next day, then drove 2 hours to go see Nick at his house. He took me on my first motorcycle ride and we ate dinner at El Camino. I also met his loving mother that evening. On Friday, I moved out of my college house with my dad and uncle since I was moving to South Carolina the next morning. I was saddened that I felt like I just met the love of my life and that I was about to move 700 miles away from him. I then had a crazy idea to invite Nick to come along with my family to move me down to South Carolina, which he said he’d love to go. I then called my mother, sister, and sister-in-law to see if they’d mind that he come along. They were surprised that there was even a man in my life, but happy for me and welcomed him along for the ride.

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I sent them photos of Nick, and my sister-in-law said, “wow, he can ride with us ;)” she knew I had a handsome man! Nick met my parents that night at my house, and met my siblings the next morning before sunrise. I could see my family’s excitement in meeting Nick. Nick rode with me in my car while my family traveled in two vehicles next to us. When we got to my new apartment, Nick was the best helper in unloading everything and setting up my furniture. He spent the weekend with my family, we became official “boyfriend and girlfriend” on July 29, and we shared a tough goodbye Monday morning. We had confidence in our new relationship and zero doubts that it would not work out in the end. And here we are today, knowing we will be together forever.

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how they asked

I made a trip from South Carolina to Indiana for a job interview on Friday, March 17, 2017 with less than a week’s notice. Nick said he had dinner reservations at Takaoka in Fort Wayne, Indiana planned for 6:30 after my interview. We were both looking forward to a nice dinner together after being apart for days because of our long-distance relationship. As we were driving, Nick was talking about how sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way that you may have planned it or expected it to go for yourself, but it is always God’s plan for you, and everything works out. I jokingly stated, “Yeah, what if we can’t go here and we have to eat dinner at Taco Bell!” So Nick decided to call and check up on the reservations. The restaurant said they don’t have Nick Quinn written down until tomorrow. My heart sank. I really wanted to go there, and I was hungry!

The man said the soonest they could get us in was 8:00 tonight. My vote at first was “No, let’s go to Olive Garden or something!”. But Nick was craving Takaoka and said we would take the 8:00 reservation. We planned to go to the restaurant next door for a drink first. I told him to not let me get ‘hangry’. When we parked the car, I saw a horse and carriage in front of the restaurant. Carriage rides always begin and end at this location in Fort Wayne, so I didn’t think a whole lot of them being there. Nick got out of the car, shook the driver’s hand, and made small talk with him. I didn’t think much of this either since Nick is such a social guy and talks to everyone. Then the driver said, “I just had a cancellation and they already paid for their ride. Would you guys like a free ride?”…OF COURSE we would!

So, we hopped on and enjoyed our ride. This surely kept my mind off of my hungry stomach. Nick talked to me about how marriage is like two horses pulling a carriage, because two people are working side by side on the same team with the same goals in mind. When we pulled up to the courthouse, Nick hollered at the driver to stop because he sees something! He hopped out, and asked me to follow him. I was confused, but followed behind. Nick took my hand and we started walking down the sidewalk. I then saw my dog, Oliver, dressed in a tuxedo waiting so still and perfectly in the snow next to a big bouquet of red roses on a table with white silk. I said, “OH! Is that…Oliver?!”

Nick gave me the biggest smile and squeezed my hand tighter. That was the moment that I knew what was happening. Tears started flowing from my eyes. We walked closer and Nick shared some sweet words to me, got down on his knee, and asked me to marry him.

My response was YES! YES! YES! Nick didn’t actually call the restaurant about the reservations. He called his brother-in-law who did a great impression.

The carriage ride was all planned out. He asked me to bring my dog Oliver to his house that day because he said we were going to a dog-training course the next morning. And I was clueless and very surprised! Oh, and we did go back to the restaurant for an amazing dinner as a newly engaged couple!