Kristina and Michael


How We Met

Summer break from my freshman year of college was starting, and one of my best friends growing up was having a party at her house to start the summer off. When I got there, I got to meet her new boyfriend (and now husband) and his best friend Mike. Mike was all dressed up from coming home from his job in the city, suit, tie & all. I remember making fun of him, and saying that he was too old to be hanging out with us since he was too dressed up. Little did I know 6 years later, we would be engaged.

how they asked

Mike had been recently talking about taking a helicopter tour around NYC. I told him that I would love to do it, even though I am afraid of heights and get motion sickness very easily. Next thing I know, he had the tour booked and even offered to go to the Brooklyn Bridge before and walk across. I had been BEGGING him since we started dating to walk across the bridge with me, so needless to say I was beyond excited.

The week leading up to the helicopter ride, the weather was not looking so great. I stalked everyday and constantly said to our friends, family and Mike that I was nervous, did not think it was a good idea and that we should reschedule. Morning of there were clear skies so we jumped on the train and headed to the Brooklyn Bridge.

I love to take photos, so when we got down to the Bridge I immediately started snapping away. We walked around a bit, had some lunch and right before we were going to start making our way to walk over, Mike suggested we take one last photo down by the water front. We found a nice stranger and asked if she would take our photo.

When we were posing for the camera Mike was SHAKING. It was so odd to me! I asked him “Why are you shaking so bad? What’s wrong?, and he proceeded to say” Well, I have a question for you”, reaches into his pocket and takes out a small, grey cardboard box. At this time I started to realize and was freaking out. He then proceeded to open the box and only to find out it was empty. HE FORGOT THE RING BOX & RING AT HOME. I asked him if this was serious and he responded ” Oh my god. It’s empty.”.

Where to Propose in Brooklyn Bridge Warf

In the midst of getting ready, mike had taken out the box containing the ring and put it down on his desk. He thought he heard me coming in, panicked and grabbed the wrong box.


Needless to say, after our helicopter ride and hours of laughing at the failed proposal, Mike was able to get me the ring finally.


Everyone tells us we have a story to tell the rest of our lives, and I still haven’t gotten over my one of a kind proposal.