Kristina and Michael

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How We Met

A friend at work had told me about this dating app called “Tinder”. I was kind of iffy about online dating but I gave it a shot. Of course there were some odd people on there, to say the least, but then I came across a profile of a very handsome man named Michael. It turns out his co-worker told him about this app as well and he was iffy about it too. We started chatting and hit it off very quickly. We talked about where we were currently at in life, where we wanted to go and what type of person we wanted to experience it all with. We talked for hours and just really enjoyed getting to know one another. During this time, Michael was on his way to South Carolina for vacation but we decided when he got back we would meet and have our first date. On his way back we couldn’t wait for later that night to see each other so we met in the wee hours of the morning (like 2 or 3AM). I was so excited to finally meet him and when I saw him I just knew there was something special about to begin. The funny thing is I lived in New Jersey at the time and he lived in New York so the only information you put on the app is age range of someone you would like to meet and the distance to travel. You also only get to talk to one another if both people “swipe right”. To this day, almost three and a half years later, we giggle when someone asks how we met because we just feel so lucky to have met each other and it has been the best three and a half years of our lives. He is such a romantic too, when he asked me to be his girlfriend he made sure we were at The Top of The Rock in NYC and we now have a star above there named for us!

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how they asked

We had been talking about getting engaged for quite some time and officially started planning our wedding. Michael had been researching diamonds and would occasionally ask for my opinion on a ring design but I knew he really wanted to surprise me. We recently purchased our first home and had worked very hard to get it so it’s very special to us. One afternoon I was in the other room and he asked if I could come to our dining room for a second. To my surprise, he had lit candles on the table and placed them in the shape of a heart. He got down on one knee and said the sweetest things. I definitely ugly cried but it was the best moment of my life. He asked me to marry him and I of course said YES! We facetimed our parents/siblings and little did I know, they had been in on it the whole time! It was absolutely perfect. We are planning to do some renovations in our home so when we replace the hard wood floors we are going to have our names engraved in the wood where he got down on one knee.

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