Kristina and Michael

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Beauty and Essex NYC

How We Met

Mike and I met a few years before we started dating, he is my best friend Courtney’s older brother. The first night we met was my 22nd birthday I was very drunk and said something embarrassing and then decide to put my self in a cab to go home. I steered clear of him for years after. About 2 years later, I and Courtney began hanging out with him and friends a little more often. He had a girlfriend at the time so we were simply just friends, but I did think he was cute and might have had a bit of a crush on him. He broke up with his then girlfriend and I had just become single a few months before. We started talking more seriously. We moved in together about 7 months into our relationship and have been inseparable ever since.

How They Asked

My five best friends decide to plan and all girls-dinner because with your work schedules a few of us don’t have the time to see each other. They made a reservation at beauty and Essex, we got there, I had left my phone in the cab so I was in a bad mood the second I sat down. We ate dinner and had a few drinks, and I insisted on going to the bathroom, but I was sitting in the center of the booth and the girls kept telling me to wait, finally, I said enough is enough I have to pee now. Two of girlfriends followed me to the bathroom and were stalling me, still completely clueless.

Where to Propose in Beauty and Essex NYC

We finally leave the bath and begin walking upstairs back to the table, I see Mike standing there, with his hand out waiting for me, so confused at first I asked my friend “why is mike here?” And then it hit me. He was saying a bunch of things, neither one of us remember what he said, I think we both blacked out, but then he got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. Little did I also know he had both of our family’s and friends a bar I work at occasionally ready to celebrate.

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