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How We Met

Max and I both grew up in Pocatello. He went to junior high with my older sister, Jessi (ask them what they remember about one another if you want a good laugh) and I had the BIGGEST crush on Max even though he had no idea who I was until several years later. But that didn’t stop Jessi and I from making a bet nearly 20 years ago as to which one of us would wind up marrying Max Black. Pocatello is a very small town, so our parents all knew one another and Max and I were members of the same church. We had a lot of mutual friends growing up, so we would run into one another here and there over the years.

During the summer of 2009, Max and I became really good friends and it never really stopped from there. Summer came and went, and he went back to school in Montana. I moved to Boise shortly after that and as fate would have it, Max was offered a position that allowed him to move to Boise or Salt Lake. I BEGGED Max to move to Boise. It didn’t happen. He moved to Salt Lake. Regardless, we stayed in touch and visited one another here and there.

Fast forward to a Monday morning around 8:00 AM in the Spring of 2014. I hadn’t heard from Max in a bit, and out of no where I get a text from him, and all it said was, “Are you single yet?” Romantic, right? He told me he noticed all my pictures with my ex had been deleted from social media and that I was recently in Vegas with my girlfriends (so observant). I laughed in disbelief and total flattery – Max and I had always been strictly monogamous friends. But have you met Max? Best guy EVER and oh so easy on the eyes. Who wouldn’t be totally flattered?! I gave him the skinny and finally caved and told him about the bet that my sister and I have had going for all these years and he said, “Well for the record, I didn’t send this message to Jessi.” And the rest was history. Sorta.

At first, I did not want to date Max. It wasn’t because I wasn’t into him, but I was worried that if things didn’t work out between us, that I would lose a really good friend along the way, too. I was confident that we would never be able to go back to being just friends, so we had to find a way to make it work. Through out the beginning phases, Max was always saying, “Everything will work out. Trust me.” The day we finally made things official I made Max promise to always be my best friend – no matter what. And he has continued to make good on that promise day in and day out.

Max was still living in Salt Lake and I in Boise. After about 6 months of distance, we decided we had enough and Max moved to Boise. That was short lived. After a year Max moved to Vancouver, WA and I came out 6 months later after school.

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how they asked

Last year, Max and I went back to Boise for Christmas to be with our families. I had begged him to please go to the Botanical Gardens to check out Garden A Glow – the entire garden is filled with Christmas lights, carolers, hot cocoa and if you’re lucky you’ll even see Mr. and Mrs. Clause with a reindeer or two. It is one of my favorite Christmas activities and I have always wanted to go on a date there; I’ve always thought it would be so romantic and dreamy. My parents were in Albuquerque, my little sister was in from Salt Lake and they all decided they wanted to join. Then Max’s family also decided to join as well as my older sister, Jessi, my aunt and my cousin. Great! One big happy family outing. Boise had just gotten a massive snow storm and it was FREEZING. But it was beautiful none the less and I was giddy the entire time despite being severely underdressed for the weather.

My Dad, Frank suggested that Max and I go under an arch to take a picture. There happened to be a bench, so we sat down while our families huddled around in a semi circle directly in front of us. Max immediately reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. I put everything together and realized what was happening and I swear I blacked out.

Max told me that he knew this day (December 23rd) was a particularly difficult day for me and he wanted it to be one that I would always remember for a happy reason. December 23, 2015 was the day we laid my Dad, Carl, to rest after his 4 month battle with Cancer. I immediately burst into tears. He went on to talk about how special this spot was to me and he knew how I always wanted to have a romantic winter date there and he thought what a perfect occasion. He pulled the ring out, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and my immediate response was, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” After lots of tears, and hugging there was an obvious, “Yes!”

I couldn’t believe how much thought he had put into this whole plan. The date, the spot, having both of our families there AND he hired a photographer to be there to capture it all. Everyone knew – even my friends (who were anxiously awaiting a phone call) and I was the only one who was completely clueless. And to top it all off, he picked the ring out himself. Safe to say, he KILLED it!

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Special Thanks

Christina Purcell
 | Proposal photographer
Kortni Ellett
 | Engagement photographer