Kristina and Matthew

How We Met

Matt and I actually met in Mrs. Jones’ class in 7th grade. I was the “new girl” who moved from California and he was the “athlete.” We were always friends but never dated. We stayed friends throughout high school and college but still never dated. After college we both had long term relationships that failed and we finally decided to go on a date 13 years later! We have been together ever since!

Kristina's Proposal in Craggy Gardens, Blue Ridge Parkway NC

how they asked

We had planned a trip to Asheville with a couple that we have known since High School. Erin is a photographer and she had asked me if Matt would agree to take some pictures together in the mountains for her portfolio. Anyone who knows Matt knows that he HATES pictures. I relunctantly asked him and he agreed! (Little did I know this was all part of the plan) So I planned out where we would take them, bought a new dress, and even got my nails done! (Easy enough for Matt, I basically planned my own proposal) We went to Asheville Saturday morning and floated down the French Broad (where Matg decided he didn’t need sunscreen and got VERY sunburnt). We got ready for pictures and went and had a few beers because making our way up the mountain for pictures at sunset. When we got to our destination the hike was way more than we anticipated! Us girl in our dresses and flip flops, Matt in boots, and Scott very carefully carrying a secret backpack of champagne, hiked up the mountain to get the perfect pictures. When we got to the top Matt (in very Matt fashion) was not participating in pictures. He wasn’t really into it and he was fidgeting in his pocket. After scorning him to get his hands out of his pockets and “just take a darn picture” he pulls out the ring! I had absolutely no clue it was coming! I don’t remember much after that but there were lots of tears and of course a YES!

Kristina and Matthew's Engagement in Craggy Gardens, Blue Ridge Parkway NC

Special Thanks

Erin Maynard
Kristina Culmer
Kristina Culmer