Kristina and Massimo

Where to Propose in Q1 SkyPoint Tower, Gold Coast

How We Met

Massimo and I met all the way back in 2010! I was 14 at the time and he was 16, we attended the same high school. It was a school day and we were on lunch break, I was hanging out with my friends which were also mutual friends of Massimo. I was sitting down with one of my friends when I noticed Massimo come over and sit next to me… all I remember thinking was who even is this guy and why is he talking to me! I was a bit shy but I ended up speaking to him.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Q1 SkyPoint Tower, Gold Coast

After that day we starting hanging out more during school and eventually became friends on Facebook. We would talk every day after school, by that time feelings started to develop. I remember the school bell ringing at the end of lunchtime meaning it was time to get to class, Massimo insisted on walking me to my class. As we got to my classroom he stopped and said there was something he wanted to ask me… and that’s when he asked me to be his girlfriend! Of course, I said yes! I couldn’t contain my excitement and ran into class and told all my friends.

8 years later, Massimo and I have lived together for 3 years now and have 2 very beautiful chihuahuas we love very much… and the rest is history!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Q1 SkyPoint Tower, Gold Coast

how they asked

Massimo and I went on holiday for a week to Queensland in February 2018. This was the very first holiday we had ever been on together where it would be just me and him, so we were pretty excited! Massimo LOVES fishing so of course he had to bring his fishing gear with him as the hotel we stayed in was only one street away from the beach. I am not that keen on fishing so whenever he wanted to go for a fish I would just stay back in our hotel and get ready for the day.

I had everything planned out that I wanted to do while in Queensland. We had so much fun going to all the theme parks as we had a 14-day unlimited pass so we could go as many times as we liked, Movie World was by far our favorite! But there was one thing in particular that I really wanted to do and that was the SkyPoint climb on top of the Q1 Building.

We booked in the climb on the 15th February around lunch time. We woke up that morning and Massimo said he was going out for a quick fish and since I’m not that into fishing I told him I would stay back and get myself ready for the climb. Little did I know he had made his way to the Q1 building to drop off the ring and get everything organized. He comes back from “fishing” and I didn’t suspect a thing.

We made our way to the Q1 building and waited patiently to start our climb. They took us in and got us suited up in the appropriate gear and explained to us how everything worked. Our climb guide then put us in a particular order and out of everybody I was put first in line. He instructed me to walk all the way up until I see a red stopper and to wait there for everybody else. I made my way to that point and waited there, Massimo was next in line but I couldn’t see him from where I was waiting. During that time our climb guide had clipped a black pouch with the ring inside to Massimo’s belt, I didn’t notice a thing as we already had so many things attached to us.

We made it right to the top where there is a flat surface and you could see 360-degree views of the Gold Coast, it was beautiful! It was time to get some photos taken so our climb guide told us to stand together and smile for some photos, he then asked me to move forward a little… as I took a few steps forward (my back was towards Massimo) I stopped and faced Massimo and saw him reaching for something in a pouch, I instantly knew what was happening! A massive rush came over my body and butterflies filled my stomach, I was nervous laughing and the first thing I said was “What are you doing!?” when I knew EXACTLY what he was doing! He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and of course, I said YES!!

It was the best day ever! I always thought I would know when he was going to propose but I had absolutely no idea! He wasn’t even acting weird or nervous and if he was he did a very good job at hiding it!