Kristina and Lupe - His and Her Side with Photos from the Philippines!

How We Met: Lupe and I met at work on September 2008. He’s an attorney and I was a file clerk. I saw him on my first day and immediately had a crush on him. Little did I know he had a crush on me too. My desk is right across from his office so we would be exchanging glances and smiles through out the work day. It wasn’t until three months after we started working together that he finally asked me to go out with him.

We didn’t think of it as a date, we just thought of it as just two friends going out to a House club to have fun. But while dancing on the middle of the dance floor, we kissed! We’ve been inseparable ever since. A year and nine months later, we said, “I DO”.

how they asked (HIS SIDE!): I knew I wanted to marry Kristina pretty early in our relationship. Kristina and I talked about “a future together” after a few months of dating. Thus, the question that needed to be answered, was how to propose in a way she wouldn’t forget, and in a way she wouldn’t see coming.

First, I had to let her think the proposal was coming later than it was. I had already decided New Years Eve 2010 would be the day. The way I saw it: New Year. New Decade. New Life Together. I liked the symmetry in this. She knew the proposal was coming because I had already asked her dad for her hand in marriage near Thanksgiving 2009. Thereafter, I kept telling her the proposal would come some time in the next 4 months, with special emphasis on the later months. I wanted her to think it would be on Valentine’s Day, or some time after that.

Second, I needed to pick the perfect place. Since the first place Kristina and I ever went to was a club that plays House music, I took her to a New Year’s Gala being hosted by the same promoter as the club we first went to together. The party was at the Westin Bonaventure in Downtown Los Angeles.

I’m not going to lie, we looked great when we entered the party, and the venue was very, very nice. Too bad I was terrified that the ring was going to fall out of my pocket for most of the night….

After the clock struck midnight, I went down on one knee, and the rest is history. ALTHOUGH, there is a little more to this story that NEEDS to be told…. by Kristina…

How They Asked: About 10 minutes before midnight, Lupe and I went out from the main ballroom to grab ourselves drinks. I asked Lupe when he will propose to me and why it’s taking him so long to do so. I then went down on one knee in front of a crowd of people and asked… “Will you marry me?”.

My now husband started crying and said, “I have the ring in my pocket and I was going to propose to you at midnight.” It was at that moment that we knew we were perfect for each other!

Photographed by: One Happy Story photography. (Check out their Twitter and Facebook)
Location of shoot: Blue Waters, Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines