Kristina and Kai

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How We Met

We met at electric zoo in NYC , an electronic music festival at Tiesto’s closing set of day 1, Labor day weekend 2011. That is half true…apparently we met earlier in the day but I have no recollection of that. Kai went to college at JMU with my best friend Mickey that I went to high school with. Kai was living in Virginia and I was in NYC so the chances of us ending up at the same party were slim. So I decided to be the aggressive east coaster that I am and pursue him. Mickey sent us a picture a few days after the festival and that is where I saw Kai’s email address. At the time I had a hotmail account and would always hear everyone talking about gchat…Well crazy Kristina saw that Kai had gmail. So I went and made a gmail account so I could talk to Kai. Our conversations were terrible and one sided. I would ask him how his day was or what his weekend plans were and he would respond with one word answers. I still give him crap about that to this day. I decided to invite him up to NY for some Halloween concert and surprisingly he said he would come. I had no idea what to expect, was he staying at my place? was he staying at mickeys? No one knew. I played the man in the whole first crucial days of our relationship…. I sent a black town car to pick him up at the airport and drop him off at my place. He arrived, walked right into my room and dropped his bag there. We have been dating ever since. After that weekend he invited me to California the following weekend, of course I bought a ticket the next day, no playing hard to get here…When we were in California we planned a trip a few weeks later to Miami… a few weeks later I was off to Hawaii for Christmas with my family. My mom is Hawaiian so her whole side of the family lives on the big island. Christmas eve came around and guess who missed me… Kai. So he bought a ticket and arrived on Christmas Night. My family fell in love with him. Kai moved into my apartment in NYC a few weeks after Christmas….the rest is history :)

Just met at Electric Zoo

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Halloween weekend- Kai’s first NYC trip to visit Kristina

how they asked

Well I guess it all started after we both abruptly quit our wall street jobs in NYC, sold our apartment and decided we were moving to Hawaii. Before our big move we planned an epic trip around the world. We started in Africa- Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, then down to South Africa- Mossel Bay, Plettenberg, Robinson, Capetown then over to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines. We traveled for 72 and landed in Hawaii on December 15.I had an inkling that an engagement was on the horizon but had no idea when or where. I assumed he didn’t bring the ring on the trip because that would be absurd and stupid on his part… so when we got to Hawaii I was on high alert. Every day I thought, yup its happening today. Days and days went by and on December 24 after a few cocktails I broke down to my sister and said “its NEVER happening!!! (so dramatic I know). The next day we were scheduled to go diving with both our parents off the Kona Coast with Kohala Divers. During our trip we became advanced and nitrox certified divers so I was more than excited to get back in the water, so therefor it never dawned on me that it was going to happen that day. We were on a 2 tank dive, so after our morning dive we were back in the water ready to start the next one. After I made my descent I spotted a GIANT conk shell in a sand clearing and got SO excited. If you are a diver, you know that it is rare to find a full intact shell sitting alone in a clearing. So I swam up to it super excited thinking, yes this is my shell I found it first. And that’s when everything happened, I looked up and there was Kai across from me. He started to cut at the shell and in my mind I was thinking, what the hell are you doing. He then showed me his underwater dive board which said “Kristina Will you Marry me” and had the option for me to check YES or NO. Obviously I checked yes, and then he proceeded to cut the fishing line off the shell, turn it over and pull my ring from inside the shell. (He slid it on my finger before cutting it off). We had our mini underwater celebration and then continued our 30 min dive. As we were pulling back into the harbor on the dive boat, my 3 sisters, cousins and aunty were standing on the dock with bottles of pink champagne playing the 90s hit song by CeCe Peniston “Finally”. Anyways, We just had sunrise engagement pictures taken here on Oahu where we live and we are super excited for our wedding in December on the Big island of Hawaii.

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