Kristina and Justin

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how we met

I had been single all my life, and in 2014, my summer job was to find the one! I went on and went to work. June and July it was strikeout city. Nice guys but not the right fit. August 8th I started talking to this Justin guy. Athletic, cute, funny….He was in a weekend volleyball tournament and on August 10th, a rainy Sunday night, he asked me out for drinks after his tournament. The tourney kept running later and later….we were set for a 9:00pm drink on a Sunday night. What? Who does this! I’m a teacher so I didn’t have to work the next day so after a friend talked me into it I said yes.

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He called me a dork on our first date. Most girls would be offended but I was like, “YES! He gets me!!” We laughed, had great conversation, and I didn’t want to stop the good night kiss! Two days later we had our second date to a local winery. This was it. This is where I fell head over heels for this guy. We continued to see each other multiple times a week and the love grew. September 3rd we exchanged our first I Love Yous and we’ve said them every day since then.

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how they asked

February 14, 2015 was the day. The day that changed our lives forever! Prior to meeting Justin, I had been single for every Valentines Day I’ve been alive, so clearly it wasn’t my favorite holiday. Justin knew I hated that day, but had casually said well I’m going to make you like it this year. He made me breakfast in bed that morning and told me he had a day full of surprises for me. I love surprises but I hate them at the same time because I ask 500 questions to try to figure them out! The day started with some mini golf which was one of our first dates. Then he said there was going to be an outdoor event…. and it was the coldest Valentines Day since like the 1800s. It was 5 degrees with 20-30mph winds. We bundled up and he brought hot chocolate along for “the event.” He drove me to Nicollet Island in Minneapolis where we took a horse and carriage ride around the island. He said at one point we would stop by the river to take pictures, which he had prearranged with the company. We bundled up in blankets, cuddled, sipped hot cocoa and had a lovely time. We got to the point overlooking the river and he handed his phone to the carriage driver who took some pictures…. And then he said, “Let’s go over here.” This was the point where my brain was going, “oh my this is really happening!”

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Right then and there he got down on one snowy knee and asked me to marry him! I remember getting into the carriage afterwards, still crying, and asking him “did I say yes?!? Because the answer is YES!!” My mascara soaked tears froze to his cheeks and we happily enjoyed the rest of our carriage ride! That evening we enjoyed a Wild game and a nice dinner out at St Paul Grille. It was truly a day to remember and it was so special to capture our proposal story again during our engagement pictures.

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Special Thanks

Krista Reynolds
 | photographer