Kristina and Julio

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend in January 2007. We decided that timing wasn’t right and decided that he was going into the military. He got deployed to Japan and I was stuck in New York.. we always kept in touch and we both couldn’t see our lives without each once he got back from Japan we decided to pick things up where we left them.. we started flying to each other since he got stationed in San Diego while I was getting my masters in Psychology in Brooklyn and started working. My boss always understood and never got mad at me flying out and seeing my best friend/boyfriend..

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how they asked

The day of the proposal we were flying out of Houston Texas,with his entire family that was coming to New York to meet my mom. Little did i know that January 6 was going to be the best day of my life. Once we got to New York, we all came to my house and i was just getting ready to go take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge promenade with just us after his parents had dinner with my mom… once they left we took a cab because it was chilly to take a train.He had apparently hired a photographer to sit and wait for us to be on the promenade downtown Brooklyn because I use to say it’s my favorite spot there and I would go often and enjoy the view.

So we got to the Brooklyn promenade and started taking a couple of selfies and having fun. I saw a couple(the photographer and his wife) sitting on a bench and didn’t pay no mind to it since they weren’t the only ones there. All of a sudden we walk passed the people i turn around and he’s on one knee.. it was super cold and he was shaking and all of a sudden I hear click click click and he starts off we’ve been together for 9 years and I can’t imagine my life without you and all I kept doing was staring at him and he kept laughing and tearing. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling and attempting to listen to him but the ring was blinding me because there was a little light inside the box where the ring was. It was an absolutely stunning thing. Once i said yes, the couple introduced themselves and told us that we were going to go take engagement photos now… Then the photographer took us to different spots to take the photos. we went on the promenade on top to get the entire view of the city. After we went to Rockefeller Center by the Christmas tree. And 6th Ave by the balls and Radio City. Lastly we went to grand central and took photos there which came out amazing because it wasn’t packed out. The last we also took a couple of photos of the view of the Empire State Building and it looked amazing because it was the last day the Empire State Building was green and red for the holidays. The photographer was amazing and looked out for our needs and wants.. while I was just in an ash of the night being magical and spectacular.

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Special Thanks

Adeel Bukhari
 | Adeel Bukhari Photography