Kristina and Josh

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How We Met

Kristina’s Story

This is funny, I never wanted to do online dating but my two best friends put me on an application called bumble. They downloaded the application on my iPad which I never used so the iPad died and I didn’t have a charger for it. I let a week go by until I decided to charge my battery and take a peek at this application. I ran across Josh’s profile and thought he was handsome and something inside me just told me to click on him. In this app, the woman has to start the chat with the man so I sent Josh a message and instantly it was like we have known each other forever. I decided to give him my number and minutes later we were texting all day and night. We decided to meet the next day and when we met for the first time, we hugged for a good couple of minutes. Before we knew it, we were the only ones left and the restaurant was already closed for an hour. I believe the waitress saw it was our first date and it was going amazing, so she stayed and let us be. I never believed in love at first sight until I met josh.

Everything attracted me to Josh. He is so handsome, his smile makes me melt, the way he genuinely knows how to treat a lady. He is the definition of a true gentleman. His words on our first date were everything I ever wanted in a man. Josh is the most caring, sweetest man I have ever met. His soul is of an angel. Since the day we met, Josh brings home flowers every single day for me. I have a floral shop in the house… literally.

Josh’s Story

I went on a date with someone before I met Kristina that was an absolutely horrible experience. When I finally escaped that date, I called my mom and told her how that had to have been the worst date of my life. Fast forward a few days later to the first time I met Kristina. I came home from that date and called my mom and told her all about Kristina. My mom interrupts me and blurts out “oh my god Josh, you’re going to marry this girl.” Now if you know my mother, then you would know that she has never uttered those words to me in her life. She still tells this story as if someone else shouted those words out from within her. Fast forward a few days later to our third date at Gene and Georgetti and there I was mesmerized, sitting in a booth next to the most remarkable, gorgeous woman I had ever laid eyes on when I couldn’t help myself but to blurt out those exact same words my mom told me. I knew right then I was going to marry Kristina.

Kristina is simply an amazing person. I don’t know what didn’t attract me to her. Obviously she is absolutely beautiful, a great smile, incredible taste when it comes to fashion and style. She is the total package. What also made me fall for her is how much she cares about me and how she enjoys making me happy. I have never experienced someone who does for me what she does and actually wants to do it. She gets me up when it is still dark in the morning for work, makes me lunch every day, and makes dinner when I get home. I love how she understands and appreciates how hard I work and it shows because I see how hard she works to help me when she takes care of other things for us. Simply put, she takes care of me and I cannot say enough how good she is to me and I love and appreciate that about her.

how they asked

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Since Gene & Georgetti has a special place in both of our hearts, we decided to attend a special Gene & Georgetti Valentine’s Day event hosted by their adjacent private events venue, The Estate, for a special cabaret show and dinner “A Fine Romance”. The special night included a delicious four-course dinner, a complimentary bottle of bubbles, and live performances from cabaret greats Joan Curto, Tom Michael and Beckie Menzie. But what made the night extra special was Josh’s surprise; a proposal.

During the show, Beckie Menzie stopped singing and asked for a little audience participation and chose us out of the crowd. Little did I know this was not random at all, but a thoroughly devised plan to get both of us on stage in front of over 125 guests. The rest is history.

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Thank you to Michelle Durpetti and all of her employees, Beckie Menzie, and everyone at Gene and Georgetti for planning this surprise. I couldn’t have asked for it to have gone any better. To have the moments captured by Collin Pierson, the help of the performers and all of the love and support shown by everyone who helped plan and see the proposal, was simply incredible.

Special Thanks

Collin Pierson
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Michelle Durpetti
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The team at the Estate
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