Kristina and Jack

How We Met

Jack and I met at Missouri State University where we were both college athletes (Jack was on the swim team and I was on the soccer team). We met the first day of college moving into the dorms but didn’t start talking until we were in the same English class second semester. After spring break, I texted him and said that I didn’t have a ride home from the airport and asked if he could come get me. I never really asked anyone else. But he did come and get me and we went out for lunch, hung out at the rec center, and spent the rest of the day together. It all started from there. After that we were inseparable. We hung out everyday, ate breakfast/lunch/dinner together, came to each others swim meets and soccer games, it was amazing. 4 years later, we graduated college together and both got into the same graduate school to continue our educations. We moved in together and started our new life in Chicago and after about 5 and a half years of dating, he popped the question!

how they asked

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE sunflowers. They’re my favorite and they always make me so happy. Since we’ve been dating, I’ve begged Jack to come to a sunflower field with me. There aren’t any close by in Illinois and with our busy school schedules it just never worked out. My future sister in law sent me a Facebook link for the KC Wine Co. Sunflower Festival in Kansas City, Missouri. I told Jack that this was it and we HAD to go (mostly because it was a winery as well, and who doesn’t love sunflowers AND wine lol). He said “eh I don’t know, that’s a far drive to just go look at sunflowers and drink wine”. So he made it seem like he was totally uninterested and it made me want to go even more. I wanted to go so bad so we compromised, bought the tickets, and we were going. I was so excited, I packed my favorite sunflower dress, my camera, the tickets, and we left for KC. We walked into the sunflower fest to meet up with some family and we were introduced to another couple, who actually turned out to be there to photograph our engagement and I had no clue. I just thought they was there to take pictures of the sunflower field! We got our wine popsicles (yes, wine popsicles!!), talked for a little bit, played yard games outside, walked around, and finally made our way to the sunflowers! When we got to the front of the field we saw a cute truck that everyone was in line to take pictures on because you could see the whole sunflower field in the background when you were up there. So obviously we needed a picture on the truck. We took a couple of cute pictures on it and then Jack turned to me, got on one knee, and said, “Okay no crying….” which actually cued me to start sobbing…and then I blacked out and can’t remember anything else he said (I had to ask the next day). After that we took more pictures and went back to the winery area where there was a picnic blanket, flowers, and wine set up for us. We sat and talked and were able to soak up what had just happened. It was my favorite day and I wish I could re-live it over and over all the time! I love him more than all the sunflowers in the world and I’m so happy we get to spend forever together!

Kristina's Proposal in KC Wine Co. Sunflower Festival

Marriage Proposal Ideas in KC Wine Co. Sunflower Festival

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