Kristina and Greg

Image 1 of Kristina and GregHow We Met: Greg and I met on a very random night out for the both of us! It was a Thursday night during a busy work week… I went to meet a couple of co-workers at a local sports bar by my house. Little did I know my casual night out with friends would become the most important day of my life! Greg was actually there with a friend of mine… we had never met before and the spark I felt was instant! At one point, Greg excused himself and I told our mutual friend that I had found my future “boo” aka future boyfriend… of course he laughed! I later found out Greg said the same thing when he first saw me. Our friend joked that he didn’t want us to talk to each other because he wanted Greg to stay single with him and he knew if we spoke that we would fall for each other… Oops!! Knowing we both had to the work the next day, nothing seemed to matter… we stayed out all night getting to know one another. I knew he was a keeper when I was out of town on a girls trip for my birthday just a week after meeting him, I arrived to my hotel room to find a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine waiting for me! All I could think to myself was “Wow!” I could not believe how thoughtful and romantic he was! What was supposed to be my fun, single, girls trip turned into the waiting game. I could not wait to get home… we spoke my whole trip and could barely wait to see each other!

Things after that just seemed to happen… Exactly one month after meeting we were “official.” We met each others families and soon after we moved in together. As more time passed, the better our relationship got and the more in love we fell!

how they asked: Fast forward to July 25, 2015… Exactly 2 years after we met to the day! Greg asked me to take off work so he could take me on a date to celebrate our 2 years of meeting. I was skeptical… I really didn’t want to miss work- it wasn’t our official anniversary or anything, but he insisted! I figured he was just being his thoughtful, romantic self… he did sweet things like this all the time- this was normal. He told me we had dinner reservations at this nice restaurant that has a botanical garden in the back that I had been wanting to go to. I was not sure if we would be able to go eat there because it had been thunder storming all day long but it stopped just in time! I got dressed for the night, danced and instagrammed in the car and thought I was out for a regular date night with my amazing boyfriend. When we arrived we were told that we had a 30 minute wait for our table, later I found out everyone at the restaurant was in on the surprise and this was all a part of the plan. He decided to lead me to the back of the restaurant through the garden to pass time. We walked by a beautiful gazebo with flowers and a table set up… of course I blurt out “I wish we could eat there!” He told me he would go back up to the desk to see if he could request an outdoor area for us after we finished walking around. He led me to an area behind a gate to show me a little pond and as we walked I could see something ahead…

What I saw was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on! It was a private garden area covered in candles made into swirls in the grass with lanterns hanging from the trees… a path covered in rose petals led me to a platform covered in twinkling lights in the middle of the secret magical garden he created for me. At that moment I felt his hand start to tremble and I knew the day I had always dreamed of was about to happen! He looked me right in my eyes and got down on one knee… it felt like a dream! I honestly can’t even remember the words he said because I was so mesmerized at what was happening! The ring was so unbelievably stunning… of course I said YES!

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After the tears of happiness and excitement he walked me to the very gazebo that we walked passed on the way there, except now it was lit up with candles. It was magical! I could not believe he pulled this off… I am not not good at being surprised, I always find everything out! We ate dinner and he told me everything… how he planned it all, the moment he knew I was the one he wanted to spend forever with, and he filled me in on the the sneaky planning he had been doing for the past 3 months!

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Just when I thought my night couldn’t possibly get any better, he informed me he had one last surprise and we were staying at the cottage there! He walked me to where we would be staying and as he opened the door I could not believe what I was walking into! The entire place was filled with over 400 candles, rose petals covered the floor and dessert, wine and our favorite snacks were waiting for us! It was breathtaking! I could not believe my eyes… I didn’t think anything could even compare to what I had just witnessed, but he never seizes to amaze me! I can’t wait to spend my life with my best friend!

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