Kristina and George

Image 1 of Kristina and George

How We Met

My fiancé George and I met on Facebook Dating. Out of all the guys I talked to he was the one who stuck out the most. I told him about how I was in an abusive relationship and was still healing from it. Since then, he’s been helping me relearn to make my own choices and teaching me to say “I want” instead of “Can I?”. Hands down the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in. Here’s us on our first date on August 13th, 2022.

How They Asked

On December 5th, 2022, which also happened to be George’s 30th birthday, he came to pick me up and he said that we needed to get my best friend Nicole. I knew something was up because he never asked me to bring my best friend. It was always me who asked if my best friend could tag along, which is something George never has an issue with especially if we’re going somewhere cool. So we drove to the Chick-fil-A she works at and I asked her if she could tag along with us tonight because George asked her to. She agreed and after she got off from work, we drove her back to her apartment so she could change her clothes and take care of her dog.

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After we left her apartment, George ended up driving to Havre de Grace and I was thinking “Oh, he’s going to propose.” I found out that the reason why George wanted Nicole with us was so she could take pictures. We couldn’t afford a professional photographer so we got my best friend to do it. We got to the lighthouse and George got down on one knee, made a speech I can’t remember, and said “Kristina Rose Byrd, will you marry me?” Naturally, I said yes. Nicole took pictures during and after the proposal. We went for dinner and had ice cream after to celebrate.

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Special Thanks

Nicole Amos
 | Photographer