Kristina and Dean

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How We Met

Dean and I are a ‘Tinderella’ story! We grew up in the same area and knew each other but Tinder brought us together. We matched, began messaging, and clicked straight away. One weekend I had a friend’s birthday celebration in the city. From where I lived it was an expensive Uber so I was going to send out a couple of texts to friends to see if anyone was heading out so I could carpool. I send a text to Dean first and he replies straight away and says he can drive me. I was nervous because we had never met in person and it was a 30-minute drive, so I was praying it wouldn’t be awkward. He picks me up and it’s definitely not awkward. I am pretty bad with directions so what should have taken 30 minutes took an hour, but in that hour we are laughing, singing and dancing to RnB songs and before we know it we had arrived at our destination. We both had so much fun that night that and we have been inseparable ever since!

How They Asked

We had a holiday planned to visit family because we hadn’t gone on a trip since Covid began. A couple of days before we left, Dean tells me he has planned something for one of the days that we are in Noosa. Fast forward to the day, he is absolutely trying to throw me off, saying we are going swimming and hiking and that a friend may be coming. It worked and I was thrown off! We start to drive to this special location and he is cool, calm, and collected the whole way, again completely throwing me off. We accidentally drive past our destination and luckily I didn’t see the beautiful set up that awaited me. I try to tell Dean that if we missed the place then he can just make a U-turn at any of several driveways and streets we are passing but he insists on going the long way around. So the long way round we go and we pull up to an open field, again I am very confused as to what is happening but I’m trying to put on my shoes as fast as I can because Dean has already jumped out of the car and has opened my door. As I step out I see a photographer who is taking snaps of us and I knew exactly what was happening.

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He holds my hand and walks me to this incredible set up with roses, candles, and a sign saying, ‘Will you marry me.’ As he got down on one knee it was like the world stopped. I kept going through waves of emotion where I couldn’t stop smiling and then tears would be streaming out of my eyes. It is cliché but it really did feel like we were the only two people in the world at that moment.

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He began to cry as he asked me to marry him which made it so much more of a raw and beautiful moment. After saying yes, I came back to reality and saw all the detail that had been put in – the breathtaking location, the song ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ playing in the background, the gorgeous sign, and THE RING!! It was perfect, I couldn’t have even imagined a more perfect moment, I was speechless and just blown away.

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