Kristina and David

How We Met

I remember meeting David in our U.S. Government class our senior year, but David says he knew of me a year before that. That following March I told my best friend, Diana, that David was funny and so she thought it would be a great idea to secretly tell him that he should take me as his date to Prom. David told her that he wasn’t going to prom as he would be out of town. A year later in college a mutual friend of ours, Melanie, told me if I had liked David. I was so confused as I had only told Diana that I thought he was funny. She said, “Didn’t you want to go to Prom with him?” I freaked out and knew Diana did something so I immediately texted her and she confessed to trying to get us together. Every time Melanie and I would hang out in our hometown during the summer David would text her and ask how I was doing.

Proposal Ideas Venice, Italy

During our senior year of college David almost messaged me to ask me out on a date, but he knew with him being in San Francisco and me in San Diego that the timing wasn’t right. Once we both graduated from college and moved back home, David was debating whether he should message me. He texted Melanie to ask her if that was a good idea and she immediately texted me (duh girl code!) and so I told her sure why not. I waited all day for him to message me and finally 9 pm he messaged me saying, “Hi Kristina. I know we didn’t know much about each other in high school, but I would like to grab some coffee and get to know you!” We went on our first date a week later and then three weeks later at his friend’s wedding he asked me to be his girlfriend! Our journey to finally being a couple may have taken a couple of years (6 to be exact!), but it was well worth it! :)

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How They Asked

In May, David had decided that he was ready to propose to me. He bought a ring and hid it in his room and started to figure out when he would pop the question. A year ago, David and I had booked a trip to Venice, Italy for November 2019 and from there we all were going to go on a cruise to celebrate his grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary. David decided it would be perfect to propose to me on the first day of our vacation. David is the worst secret keeper but needed to tell someone about what he was doing so he started to tell all his family and close friends about his plans. He made them promise not to spill the beans, but that would be hard being as our vacation wasn’t for another 6 months. His grandpa even tried to convince him of doing it earlier because he was nervous that he was going to let it slip in front of me. All my friends and family kept telling me they thought I would get engaged while on this trip, but I kept saying no cause David and I had talked about getting proposed to at the beginning of 2020. My mom and dad said he hadn’t even asked for their hand in marriage and she knew David wouldn’t ask without asking them first.

Fast forward to the day we were leaving for Venice and I decided I would go into work for a couple of hours before we left to the airport at noon. David texted my mom at 7 am saying he was outside her house and if he can come inside to talk to her and my dad. My mom immediately changed out of her pj’s and told my dad to come downstairs. While they waited for my dad, David told my mom I think you know why I am here. She immediately squealed because she had been waiting for this day! David told them how much he loved me and that it made him happy to know that I would be joining his family and that he would be joining my family! He told them he waited until the last day because he knew that someone would break and tell me the secret. My family is really bad at keeping things like this away from me and I had already found out about my surprise bday party in the past and he didn’t want it to happen with the proposal. Noon came by and my mom dropped us off at the airport and she didn’t break a sweat.

We landed in Venice and the plan was to go eat and then stop by San Marcos Plaza ( where David was going to pop the question!!!). It started to rain once we got to the restaurant, but luckily when we left it stopped. David and his whole family (there were 20 of us on this vacation) went to the famous Plaza and his aunt started to take pictures of David and me. After she was done David turned to me and said how much he loved me and how he wanted to kick start our vacation as an engaged couple. He got down on one knee and said to me, “Will you Marry Me?” I nodded my head and said yes!! I hadn’t realized, but all his family had dispersed because he had told them he didn’t want to get nervous with everyone around so they had walked to another side of the plaza. His family all started to walk over and handed me roses and congratulated both of us.

I was in complete shock and surprised that he pulled off this big secret for so long and that he didn’t even seem off at dinner. We can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together! #Kassar2021 can’t come soon enough!