Kristina and Dan

How We Met

Dan and I met while participating in the Disney College Program in 2010 in Anaheim, California. I was attending SDSU at the time and there were students from schools all along the West Coast, and a few others across the country. Dan and I lived across the hall from each other in our Disney dorms about a mile from the park. We officially met during orientation (Traditions), in the Team Disney Building behind the park. Everyone in the internship was to have jobs in roles such as: restaurants, photographer, hotels, retail, food and beverage, attractions, and a few others. I really wanted to work on a ride, something in Adventureland or New Orleans Square specifically. I didn’t know anybody going into the internship but Disneyland was one of my favorite places so I knew it would be fine. When we received our papers telling us where we would be working for the semester long program everyone was asked to group with others in your role. All the people who were going to be working in Adventureland attractions got together to get to know one another. I was sitting with a guy from ASU who was going to be a Jungle Cruise skipper.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Temecula, CA

He wanted to introduce me to his roommate who was also going to be a skipper. I met Dan from UCSB and little did I know that he was about to become my best friend, and eventually husband. :) I remember seeing his bright blue eyes, adorable side smile, and terrible shoes. Not so much the good dresser, but that has changed for the better. When he tells this story he remembers me from the beginning of orientation as the girl who was a Disney know-it-all and answered the question of, “What does EPCOT stand for?”. Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Come on, who doesn’t know that!? Anyways, from that day we pretty much spent every day together during the internship. He says that he asked me out at the beginning of our friendship but I didn’t know it was a date! I didn’t see him that way initially but it ended up being for the best because we were best friends and got to know each other so well before actually dating 2 years later. Working at Disneyland was so fun from events after park close, getting to ride Space Mountain with the lights on, walking through the Haunted Mansion during Christmas Time, scavenger hunts, and so much more. Every time we worked at the same time during the day we would try to find each other to wave and say hi. He would be talking to his boat on the Jungle Cruise and I would be working outside at Indiana Jones and he would tell his boat to say hi to me. Sometimes he would wait after his shift was over just so we could drive home together. We made it our weekly event to go to Napa Rose in the hotel and get a glass of wine and mac and cheese to share. We weren’t making a lot of money so we would just get that and splurge on the free bread as dinner. So many memories in those 6 months and I am so glad that I met him there. Almost 8 years later and we still have Disneyland Annual Passes so we can go and relive the memories of how we first met. We will try to put little Disney touches in our wedding also to symbolize our start. :)

how they asked

We met 7 years ago while in the Disney College Program. We were best friends for a couple years but started dating after college. Fast forward about 4 years and we are starting to discuss our future. A couple weeks before a trip to Hawaii we decided to play hookie from work and go to Temecula for wine tasting. It was a Tuesday and it was going to be an amazing day in SoCal. I tried on a few cute summer dresses to find the best one for the occasion and did my hair and makeup just like any other day, but a bit more polished because it was date day with my love. I was nervous that morning because I was applying for new jobs and I had sent in a few applications before we left. The whole drive I was a bit anxious to see if I had gotten any responses. I called my mom like I always do in the morning while we were on our trek to Wine Country. Dan said he got us a Groupon that got us a private car and a few tastings for the day.

We stop at our first winery and it was pretty empty but everyone was very nice. We had lunch there, took some pictures, and were on our way to our second. e finished and the lady wanted to take us to the top of the winery where there was a little patch of grass to overlook the vines. We step out of the car and there was a little picnic set up with roses, champagne, and chocolate covered strabs. I thought, how cute, I wonder who this is for. Lucky them. Little did I know it was for me.

He takes my hand and starts telling me how he loved me (he was rambling and I stopped paying attention when I figured out what was happening ;) ) and he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I am not a crier but I couldn’t help it. Of course, I said yes and then he picked me up and spun me around in the middle of the vineyards. It couldn’t have been any more perfect. The only fail on my end was that I didn’t have my nails done!! But the ring was so gorgeous that it didn’t even matter. <3