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How We Met

Bart and I met almost 5 years ago. We had mutual friends, so we knew of each other. He came into a restaurant and we met and after that day we have been inseparable. Within a couple of months, we moved from New Jersey to Hawaii together, where we lived happily for two years. Then we moved to Massachusetts for three years, where we both finished school (he went to law school and I finished my undergrad)

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how they asked

My happiest childhood memories took place in Disney World. My family used to go there on vacation every year when I was little. Bart knows how much I love Disney so he wanted to do something special for the proposal. He told my Stepmom to call me and invite me to Florida to surprise my Dad for his birthday, but little did I know the surprise was really on me. When Bart and I arrived in Florida my Dad faked his surprise and we went to Disney World. On the second night in Disney, I thought we were having dinner and an exclusive dessert and champagne viewing of the fire works in Epcot to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. After the fireworks went off, Bart turned and looked at me and that’s when I realized the whole surprise for my Dad’s birthday was really for me.

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