Kristina and Anderson

Image 1 of Kristina and Anderson

how they asked

What do you give the man who deserves everything and more for his birthday? In my opinion, a lavish surprise party surrounded by his loved ones. For five long months, I worked out every minute detail and reassured everyone to not spill the beans as I enthusiastically and frantically planned a surprise birthday party for the love of my life. My excuse to get him all dressed up and to the event, was that a friend was having a “grown and sophisticated” themed party for her son. The week before the party, I made all sorts of excuses to avoid hanging out with Anderson. I told him I was helping out my friend with her “party”. All this time, my place was filled with centerpieces and boxes of decorations.

Finally, the day was upon us! Everyone texted me to check in on how I was feeling and all I could say was “I’m freaking out!!! I keep forgetting to breathe”. I was reassured that everything will be perfect (as this was my plan). I told Anderson that the venue had limited parking so we needed to cab it (another excuse, so he wouldn’t see our families’ cars in the parking lot). Everyone yelled “SURPRISE” as we entered and I was beyond relieved to see the joy on the face of my love (and that we were able to keep a secret for five months).

A week before the party, I asked our parents, siblings, and a few close relatives to make a little video wishing Anderson a happy birthday and fun facts about him. Before opening up the dance floor, we decided to show Anderson this second part of his surprise. Two chairs were placed and Anderson and I sat to view the video. I kept checking in with him to see if he needed tissues because of how emotional the videos were. Suddenly, the screen displayed connection problems and I wondered what was going on. A couple seconds later, our mothers were on the screen telling everyone of their first impression of Anderson and myself. I was utterly confused! Immediately after, Anderson was on the screen professing his love to me! I did not know what was going on at this point. Anderson’s video was followed by a narrated, picture filled storybook of our lives from birth to present.

As the storybook played, all of my favorite songs dubbed in as background music. I was so taken back, between tears and laughter, I was unable to process what was really happening. As the video came to a close, a blank, white screen came across with pictures of our mothers and siblings holding up postcards that slowly revealed the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Image 2 of Kristina and Anderson

The last picture that revealed was Anderson’s with a question mark on his forehead. By the time I turned away from the screen to look at Anderson, he was on one knee, holding a white box with the most beautiful ring inside of it, tearfully professing his love to me.

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At this point, time stood still. Our tear filled eyes and trembling hands held on to each other as the man of my dreams asked me to be his forever. Without hesitation, I joyfully said “YES”. After being in Anderson’s arms I realized we were in a roomful of people! I couldn’t feel my legs; the emotions revolving in me are still unexplainable.

Image 4 of Kristina and Anderson

After sharing our first kiss as an engaged couple, Anderson led me into the awaiting crowd, all of whom had tear stained cheeks. As the night proceeded, I asked everyone if they knew about the proposal, and the unanimous response was “you’re the only one that didn’t know”. I was made aware that everyone knew about the proposal except me; the one who was planning the surprise party. I planned my own proposal without knowing it! In hindsight, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

P.S. The picture included is a combination of tears and happiness.