Kristina and Adam

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How We Met

Adam and I both worked for the same media agency when I first got into the business. I was an assistant learning how to buy local TV media. Adam was a Media Buyer. When it came time for me to graduate from an Assistant to Buyer, Adam was the one who trained me, which is how we got close. It took us about a year before we started dating. I was insistent not to mix business with pleasure, and I didn’t want to date a coworker. He moved agencies, and as they say, the rest is history. 5 years later and we are now engaged planning our wedding for Fall 2018!

how they asked

Adam and I had plans to meet his sister for dinner. On our way there, he said that his sister was “running late” and suggested to take a quick walk to kill time. Having just ran 12 miles for my Staten Island Half Marathon Training, I was resistant to walk anymore than I needed to. My legs were tired! After some convincing, I reluctantly agreed to “just walk around the block.” We ended up walking towards a park that we refer to as “our park” since no one else is ever there and we are usually there alone. Walking up to a bench in the park, I see that there are flowers and candles and decorations around a bench. My immediate thought was “There’s someone else in ‘our park!” That thought was immediately followed by “Oh my God, we’re walking in on someone’s engagement!” since I saw someone with a camera hiding in the bushes.

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I quickly started moving away from the bench so as not to interrupt this couple’s special moment. Adam questioned me, “Where are you going? Let’s just take a closer look at the bench.” I insisted that the couple that was about to get engaged must be on their way since the photographer was hiding in the bushes to capture the moment. I didn’t want to ruin an engagement!

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As I started walking away from the proposal scene, I was no longer in the photographer’s camera view, so the photographer came out of the bushes to get a better angle. At this point, I realize that the photographer is Adam’s sister. That’s when it all clicked. “Oh mi gosh this proposal is for me!” to which Adam responded, “Can we please walk back over to the bench now.”

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After the actual “proposal” was finished, we then proceeded to go to my parents house where our family and close friends surprised me with their attendance. He hit on all the points I always wanted in a proposal – capturing the moment on film, having all our loved ones there to celebrate, choosing a place that was special to us, and of course promising the rest of my life to the man I love! It was the perfect proposal. Not only was I completely surprised, but the humor of the situation made for a great story and appropriately describes the type of relationship we have filled with love and lots of laughter.

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