Kristina and Aaron

How We Met

In spring of 2016 Aaron and I both graduated from our respective universities and moved down to Raleigh, NC to start our first full time jobs! On the very first day of New Hire On-Boarding we were both extremely eager and nervous to meet our team members and start putting all of our knowledge to use after all those years of school. Being from the Northeast and Midwest we did not know a single person in the room and quickly bonded over Big Ten Football and how uncomfortable the humidity was in our new home state. After months of friendship and exploring North Carolina from the coast to the mountains we decided that maybe it was not so bad to date a co-worker after all, and the rest is history.

How They Asked

Aaron and I both love to travel. We decided early on in our relationship that for holidays and birthdays we wouldn’t buy each other gifts, but would plan trips together instead. At the end of 2019 after we made our visits up to Michigan & New Jersey to visit family we went on our “Christmas gift trip” to Turks & Caicos. After an amazing day of snorkeling at the beach, giant avocados from the local market, and a beautiful sunset, Aaron asked what I thought would make the day anymore perfect. As we stood on top of a hill overlooking the last little bit of sunset, I couldn’t think of anything. That’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, to which I responded “of course!”


Special Thanks

Neil GT Photography
 | Photography
Sanderling Resort
 | Engagement Shoot Location